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Game Maker Studio 2 Camera Jitter

I’m making an attempt to observe an RPG tutorial. I used the code for the digicam following from there, however in my case for some purpose all sprites jitter each time the digicam strikes, and in addition when some NPCs transfer.

Maybe there’s one thing new in GameMaker that I must be implementing, because the tutorial I’m following is 5 years outdated. I attempted utilizing spherical() as some options mentioned it’d assist, however it did not.

enter image description here

Here is my code for the digicam following in obj_camera in its Create occasion:

following = obj_player;
h_border = 60;
v_border = 30;

Here is my code for the digicam following in obj_camera in its Step occasion:

    x = spherical(clamp(x,(following.x) - h_border, (following.x) + h_border));
    y = spherical(clamp(y,(following.y) - v_border, (following.y) + v_border));

And within the Room’s Viewports, I enabled the thing following and set it to obj_camera:

And listed here are my settings for the graphics; I’ve 60 FPS:

I do know I ought to most likely use one other digicam setup, however this one was proven within the tutorial by FriendlyCosmonaut and I simply thought I would use it because it was working for her. Also, I take advantage of a Mac laptop, perhaps it has one thing to do with that.

I’d actually recognize any assist, thanks.



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