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Games Workshop: Pre-Orders – ‘Pricing & Links’ Arcane Cataclysm Weekend

Snag your copy of the epic spell battle between the Lumineth Realm-lords and Disciples of Tzeentch. It’s Arcane Cataclysm time!

through Games Workshop

Arcane Cataclysm $220

In the magic-scoured reaches of the Realm of Light, there are treasures of unbelievable efficiency buried underneath vitrified sand and shattered rocks. When a greed-driven expedition of Tzeentchian Arcanites seeks to pilfer the lore of a long-disappeared Lumineth seer, solely the sharp eyes of a gifted Scinari mage stand between them and the secrets and techniques of geomantic magic. An arcane duel quickly unfolds that may twist the strands of time itself.

Whether you’re an enlightened follower of Teclis, the Mage God of the Lumineth, or a religious disciple of Tzeentch, the Lord of Sorcery, this battlebox offers a sizeable drive with which to command the arcane powers of the Mortal Realms. It consists of two totally new miniatures – the Curseling, a robust warrior-mage imbued with daemonic power by its conjoined Tretchlet, and the Scinari Enlightener, an adept mage who wields the blinding energy of sunshine. Both armies bend the magic of the realms to their will, however the Lumineth Realm-lords pair their knowledge with regimented martial drive, whereas the soldiers of Tzeentch embrace the mutagenic energy of untamed magic.

Start a brand new drive (or two) as you battle for management of the arcane powers of Hysh, or bolster your present armies with reinforcements, together with the Scinari Enlightener and the Curseling, each obtainable for the primary time on this boxed set.

Inside, you’ll discover 55 plastic Citadel miniatures, together with:

– 1x Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch
– 3x Tzaangor Enlightened on Discs of Tzeentch, which might alternatively be constructed on foot, or as Tzaangor Skyfires.
– 10x Tzaangors
– 20x Kairic Acolytes
– 1x Scinari Enlightener
– 5x Vanari Bladelords
– 5x Vanari Dawnriders
– 10x Vanari Auralan Sentinels

You’ll additionally discover:

– 1x 40-page Arcane Cataclysm booklet
– 1x 56-page Warhammer Age of Sigmar Core Rules e book
– 1x Token Sheet
– 8x Warscroll Cards

In this field, you’ll discover all of the Citadel miniatures it’s essential to play out the sorcerous battle between the treacherous Disciples of Tzeentch and the peerless Lumineth Realm-lords. Alongside these two armies you’ll discover a e book of detailed background data on the narrative of Arcane Cataclysm, and the 2 factions concerned. Also included are warscrolls and battleplans that mean you can begin enjoying together with your new armies instantly, in addition to additional guidelines content material equivalent to Region of War: Arcanova Trove, Iliatha.

Chaos Legionnaires $60

Chaos Legionnaires are elite, well-armed, and extremely disciplined – but although they march alongside the armies of the Dark Gods, these warbands have a shadowy agenda of their very own. Sworn to the First Prince, the Legionnaires uphold a secret faith generally known as the Dark Creed, and try with every victory to sow confusion, reap dissent, and produce their Dark Master nearer to his insidious ascension.

Smash the enemies of Be’lakor with the merciless martial self-discipline of the Chaos Legionnaires. This warband set lets you convey these armoured elites to battle, containing:
– Eight multipart plastic Chaos Legionnaires – 1x Decuriarch, 1x Mutandor with Beast Spear, 3x Hornhelms (every with a selection of Darkiron Mace or Steelbite Axe), and 3x Hornshields (every with a selection of Axe, Mace, or Sword), in addition to beauty choices like alternate heads and dagger equipment for every mannequin
– A Chaos Legionnaires talents card, permitting you to unleash the distinctive and lethal battle ways of this warband in your video games of Warcry (in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian)
– Seven fighter playing cards for protecting observe of your guidelines at a look, plus two wound divider playing cards

This warband will also be used as an entire unit in Slaves to Darkness armies for Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Rules for utilizing this unit in your video games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar can be found to obtain without cost from the Warhammer Community web site.

Centaurion Marshal $42

Centaurions are terrifying creatures, their power and expertise honed within the Varanspire’s warpits. Charging headlong into the fray on iron-hard hooves, Centaurions wreak havoc with every of the lethal weapons gripped of their 4 arms – ensnaring, skewering, bludgeoning, and trampling any who stand earlier than them. The Marshals are the strongest amongst their variety, risen from the world into the ranks of highly effective warbands and legions – but regardless of their bestial ferocity, these are additionally creatures of nice crafty and subtlety, sworn to collect warbands in shadowy service to their Dark Master.

This multipart plastic equipment construct one Centaurion Marshal, a large eight-limbed warrior armed with an array of weapons. Rearing up on his hind legs, tail and top-knot swaying behind him, this mannequin makes an attention-grabbing addition to any Chaos assortment – and the gladiatorial model of his armour suits completely with the opposite denizens of Archaon’s preventing pits, such because the Chaos Legionnaires who share his worship of Be’lakor.

The Centaurion Marshal can be part of any Chaos warband in video games of Warcry utilizing the included fighter and talent playing cards (in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian). It will also be fielded as a mighty Hero for Slaves to Darkness armies in Warhammer Age of Sigmar, utilizing free guidelines obtainable to obtain from the Warhammer Community web site.

Krondspine Incarnate of Ghur $60

The Incarnates that hang-out the Krondspine Range are terrifying entities – creations of pure Ghurish power, protected by monstrous bones and guided by a bestial mind. In their presence, cause crumbles; the minds of mortals are crammed with savagery, and wild energies are unleashed with livid abandon. Even as soon as tamed and sure by highly effective heroes, these mighty Incarnates always pressure to unleash their unstoppable may on the world.

This multipart equipment builds one Krondspine Incarnate of Ghur, a fearsome monster of pure amber magic that may be added to any faction in Warhammer Age of Sigmar. These maelstroms of primal energy emanate from a large chunk of amberbone – the potent realmstone of Ghur – and possess bestial skeletons to guard their crystalline hearts, drawing up a savage boneyard of horns, fangs, and talons suffused with swirling magical energies.

Realmscape: Cleansing Aqualith $75

Cleansing Aqualiths are magical shrine-engines utilized by the Dawnbringer Crusades to convey recent water to newly-founded settlements. Designed by Collegiate mages, cast by Ironweld engineers, and blessed by Sigmarite monks, these floating metaliths take up ambient magic to generate an limitless stream of purified water. Cleansing Aqualiths might be discovered all through the Mortal Realms, in rising settlements and deserted outposts, chained to the bottom and topped with holy statues.

This multipart plastic equipment builds one Cleansing Aqualith, an impressive terrain piece themed across the Dawnbringer Crusades. This floating shrine seems proper at residence on any battlefield, and might be mixed with the remainder of the Realmscape terrain vary to construct your individual nascent settlement for armies and warbands to combat over.

Realmscape: Megadroth Remains $60

The Mortal Realms are inhabited by many unusual and lethal creatures. The megadroths of Ghur are one such beast – titans that stride the plains and swamps, preying on different megafauna. When they die, their fossilised stays typically grow to be factors of battle – some search to say the primordial amber power that also suffuses their bones, whereas others use the corpses as makeshift shelters.

This multipart plastic equipment builds one set of Megadroth Remains, an imposing terrain piece themed across the wild lands of Ghur. This colossal skeleton seems proper at residence on any battlefield, and might be assembled as three separate sections – the ribcage, cranium, and decrease jaw – permitting you to rearrange the fallen monster as you see match, with an open or closed jaw. It can mixed with the remainder of the Realmscape terrain vary to construct your individual Ghurish outpost for armies and warbands to combat over.

Deathmaster $35

Deathmasters are the best assassins of the Clans Eshin, skilled within the shadowy arts of stealth and contracted to slay these whom influential skaven deem too harmful to dwell. Armed with poisoned ‘weeping blades’ and toxin-laced throwing stars, these supernaturally dextrous killers have slain kings and warlords past depend.

This multipart plastic equipment builds one Deathmaster, a peerless skaven murderer from the Clans Eshin. Draped in a sinister, ragged cloak and coaching wraps, climbing-claws stowed discreetly on a belt, this deadly saboteur lurks amongst their teeming ratfolk kin earlier than leaping out to effortlessly homicide enemy leaders. Weeping blades and jagged throwing stars dripping with warpstone toxins inflict wounds that may show deadly with a single minimize – whether or not wielded by a taloned paw or prehensile tail.


The Lady of Vines $50


The Lady of Vines is the literal hand of Alarielle, minimize from the goddess’s wrist and grown right into a towering conflict chief. She holds true to the Everqueen’s summery war-aspect even in instances of wintery melancholy, her track of wrath echoing via the very realmroots, and has slain numerous foes of the Sylvaneth together with her lashing whip-limbs and her holy spear, Kurnotheal’s Wrath. Even when she is minimize down, the Lady of Vines is regrown anew to punish the enemies of Ghyran – as inevitable because the turning of the seasons.

This multipart plastic equipment builds the Lady of Vines, one of many Sylvaneth’s mightiest warrior-generals, and daughter of Alarielle herself. Clad in elegantly filigreed armour and a skirt of dwelling foliage, this demigoddess dryad strikes a regal determine, her head adorned by the Verdian Crown. The Lady of Vines strikes at enemies with whip-like vines and her blessed spear, Kurnotheal’s Wrath, this demigoddess dryad attracts upon the facility of the Everqueen to solid very important magics and do her mom’s divine bidding.


Warhammer: The Horus Heresy – Aeronautica Imperialis Rulebook $38

For 2 hundred years, the Imperium of Mankind has laid siege to the galaxy, its all-conquering armies spreading outwards from Terra to unite all humanity underneath the Emperor’s banner. Now, because the galaxy burns in a brutal civil conflict, the Horus Heresy takes to the skies within the final check of aerial supremacy.

This Aeronautica Imperialis rulebook offers full guidelines for bringing the dogfights and airborne sorties of the Horus Heresy to life on the desk, as gamers pit Loyalist and Traitor plane in opposition to one another in lethal aerial warfare. It’s every part a newcomer to Aeronautica Imperialis might want to discover ways to play video games set within the Age of Darkness, and an excellent reference e book for veteran gamers.

Drekki Flynt $35

According to some, Drekki Flynt is essentially the most dashing Arkanaut Captain in the entire Skyshoals. According to others, he’s a no-good huckster, a wanton pirate, and owes them cash. Always on the seek for his subsequent journey, the grasp of the Aelsling is a sky-pilot of uncommon expertise and daring who talks massive, boasts outrageously, and sails near the winds of hazard. A rogue and a thief, however – although he hides it nicely – a hero at coronary heart, when push involves shove, Drekki might be relied upon to do the fitting factor. Eventually.

This multipart plastic equipment builds Drekki Flynt, swashbuckling sky-pilot extraordinaire and star of Black Library fiction – together with his personal full-length novel, The Arkanaut’s Oath. Armed with Karon, his three-barrelled aethermatic equaliser pistol, and Grunnsson’s axe – a mix axe and harpoon gun, crafted by his ship’s Runesmith – he’s a formidable opponent on the battlefield. Stood atop the severed tentacle of a monstrous skybeast, Drekki’s customized aerosuit is emblazoned with distinctive designs that make him stand out from the group – which is simply how he likes it.

Cado Ezechiar – The Hollow King $35

A tragic and terrifying wanderer, Cado Ezechiar has misplaced every part – and outlived the reminiscence of the age that made him. A vampire who accepted the Soulblight curse as his folks and kingdom fell to Chaos, Ezechiar travels the Realm of Death and past, in search of retribution. He is the Hollow King, haunted by the souls of these he failed, consumed by an insatiable bloody starvation, and pushed by a burning want for atonement. Dour and chilly, Cado is a person of iron management and ruthless justice, ever-balancing his mortal morality in opposition to a thirst for vengeance that will recolour the world in blood.

This multipart plastic equipment builds Cado Ezerchiar, a vengeful vampire vagabond and star of Black Library fiction – together with his personal full-length novel, The Hollow King. A ruthless noble bothered by the Soulblight curse, Cado carries a greatsword empowered by historical silver runes, its imposing measurement offset by his inhuman power. Surveying the battlefield with a vampiric snarl atop a twisted grave-tree, the Hollow King’s flowing locks and timeworn cloak whip in an ominous wind, making him stand out from the group – inevitable, for an avenger of such infamy.



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