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Cadia continues to be standing…up for an additional week of pre-orders.

by way of Games Workshop

Cadia Stands: Astra Militarum Army Set $200

The Astra Militarum are the spine of the Imperium’s largest armies. They are the women and men who maintain the road, a bulwark that stands between humanity and a nightmarish galaxy of horrors. Amongst the Astra Militarum’s massed regiments, the born troopers of Cadia are a number of the most disciplined warriors to be discovered, robust marksmen educated for a lifetime of grim obligation. Through generations of conflict, braving unimaginable odds, and even the destruction of their residence world, one factor stays true whereas even a single Cadian attracts breath – Cadia stands!

The Astra Militarum Army Set brings you a fearsome military of Cadian troopers, all with redesigned and new multipart plastic kits, appropriate each for model new initiatives and bolstering present collections. A succesful Command Squad leads from the entrance, whereas lots of infantry Shock Troops march to conflict alongside heavy Field Ordnance and an Armoured Sentinel walker. This balanced military is able to crush the numerous foes of the Imperium, or lay down their lives within the try.

This field can also be the primary place to search out the brand new Codex: Astra Militarum, a 154-page hardback guide with an unique cowl, equipping you with inspiring lore, up to date guidelines, and epic paintings. In addition to the guide and fashions, you’ll discover a full deck of datacards, and a Cadian Transfer Sheet replete with virtually 600 markings, textual content, and numerals. Be amongst the primary wave to determine a foothold with this military set, and present the galaxy that although the planet could break, the Imperial Guard by no means will.

The set consists of the next multipart plastic miniatures:

– 1x Cadian Command Squad, comprising 5x fashions
– 20x Cadian Shock Troops
– 1x Armoured Sentinel, which can be constructed as a Scout Sentinel
– 2x Ordnance Teams

Also included:

– Codex: Astra Militarum – 154-page hardback guide with gloss artwork and a restricted version soft-touch cowl
– Datacards: Astra Militarum – 63 playing cards together with 7 Universal Stratagems, 31 Astra Militarum Stratagems, 6 Regimental Orders, 6 Prefectus Orders, 6 Mechanised Orders, 6 Psykana Discipline psychic powers, and 1 Smite psychic energy
– 1x Cadian Transfer Sheet, containing 597 particular person transfers

All fashions are provided with their applicable bases. These miniatures are provided unpainted and require meeting – we suggest utilizing Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints.


Light week. But hey, Cadia’s been doing all that standing — they want a break!


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