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Games Workshop Pre-Orders: ‘Pricing & Links’ Chaos Daemons Weekend

Games Workshop Pre-Orders: ‘Pricing & Links’ Chaos Daemons Weekend


Khorne is main the cost to battle with the brand new Chaos Codex! It’s Chaos Daemons Weekend!

by way of Games Workshop

Codex: Chaos Daemons (Collectors’ Edition) $90

This version is offered as a hardback with a black ribbon marker, smooth contact cowl, and silver foil blocking. This collectors’ version of Codex: Chaos Daemons is a restricted print run and is simply obtainable whereas shares final.

Codex: Chaos Daemons $55

The daemonic servants of the Chaos Gods spill from the insanity of the warp to deprave and slaughter. Gore-drenched daemons of Khorne hack heads from shoulders, whereas daemons of Slaanesh tempt, beguile, after which butcher their glassy-eyed victims. The daemons of Nurgle unleash unholy maladies upon horrified foes, even because the daemons of Tzeentch caper madly by means of their midst, hurling gouts of mutating warpfire in all instructions.

Infernal conflict engines and unusual sorceries inflict unimaginable torments on enemies pushed mad with terror by the mere presence of daemons. Meanwhile, the lunatic horror of the warp rages wild, and in its shadow the very battlefield contorts and deforms on the contact of Chaos. Tireless, immortal, and altogether evil, the daemon legions of the Dark Gods march ever onward of their grotesque quest to plunge all of actuality into the limitless madness of the warp.

This expansive guide is a must have information for individuals who accumulate and play Chaos Daemons, in addition to anybody who conjures daemonic allies for his or her Chaos armies. It incorporates all the principles wanted to play a Chaos Daemons military – permitting you to mix-and-match Ruinous Powers to fit your favoured playstyle, or focus in your favorite of the Dark Gods – together with eldritch background lore detailing the otherworldly existence of daemons, the limitless Great Game, and conflict zones throughout the galaxy suffering from hellish incursions.

Inside this 154-page hardback guide, you’ll discover:

– In-depth background explaining the twisted nature of the Dark Gods and their servants, in addition to their exploits and conquests throughout all planes
– Disturbing paintings that illustrates the pure insanity of the warp, and the weird entities that decision it dwelling
– All the principles it’s essential play a Chaos Daemons military, together with 56 datasheets, Warp Storm results, distinctive guidelines for every god, an Army of Renown for the Disciples of Be’lakor, and extra
– Rules for Crusade campaigns and narrative video games that enable your military to play out the everlasting Great Game, and show which of the Chaos Gods is mightiest of all
– A images showcase of beautiful ‘Eavy Metal fashions to have fun the sinister majesty of Chaos and encourage your personal assortment

Combat Patrol: Chaos Daemons $150

The daemonic servants of Khorne spill from the insanity of the warp to deprave and slaughter, the very battlefield contorting on the contact of Chaos. Gore-drenched Bloodletters hack heads from shoulders, led into the fabric airplane by Bloodmasters, the best of their ravenous type. Mounted atop the infernal engine-beasts referred to as Juggernauts, a cost by cruel Bloodcrushers breaks essentially the most stalwart resistance, whereas tireless Flesh Hounds pursue any who flee throughout time and house.

Claim skulls for Khorne with Combat Patrol: Chaos Daemons! This boxed set gives you with all of the items it’s essential begin your assortment or reinforce an present military. The contents of this set have been particularly chosen to give you a Chaos Daemons pressure excellent for Combat Patrol-sized video games – roughly 25 Power Level’s price of fashions – and also will prevent cash in comparison with shopping for the contents individually.

This set consists of the next multipart plastic fashions:
– 1x Bloodmaster
– 3x Bloodcrushers
– 10x Flesh Hounds
– 20x Bloodletters

All fashions are provided with their acceptable bases.

These miniatures are provided unpainted and require meeting – we suggest utilizing Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel paints.

Possessed $60

Possessed are bestial slaughter incarnate – Astartes warriors merged with fell daemons of the Chaos Gods in a blasphemous union. Warped and mutated by their empyric parasites, the armoured types of the Possessed move like wax, shrugging off deadly blows as they manifest talons, snapping maws, and vestigial wings to unleash an unholy orgy of bloodshed.

This multipart plastic package builds 5 Possessed, monstrous shut fight fighters who bear a bunch of repulsive mutations, from claws and tentacles to bladed limbs. Each mannequin comes with a wide range of beauty selections – together with various heads, daemonic limbs, interchangeable backpacks, and different equipment – to make sure that no two fashions look the identical, even inside bigger items or a number of squads of half-daemon monstrosities. The package additionally consists of an non-obligatory Chaos icon, for a Possessed Champion to invoke the darkish blessings of the Ruinous Powers.

This set contains 56 plastic parts and is provided with 5x Citadel 40mm Round Bases. These miniatures are provided unpainted and require meeting – we suggest utilizing Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel paints.

Accursed Cultists $50

Accursed Cultists have various and terrifying origins – whether or not born of darkish ritual, empyric experimentation, or the predation of malign entities, these abberations are herded into battle as lurching shock troops, their tainted flesh reknitting grievous wounds with unnatural vigour. Once they attain shut quarters, Mutants flail and lash on the enemy with claws or tendrils, whereas the horribly-warped Torments pounce with bestial starvation.

This multipart plastic package builds eight Accursed Cultists – 5 twisted Mutants and three horrifying Torments. These stunningly grotesque fashions are loaded with vile particulars and distinctive mutations, from writhing tentacles to bladed talons. Each Mutant lurches ahead, a human-sized nightmare clad within the ragged shreds of cultist robes, whereas the Torments are looming, warped creatures marked with scarified runes and binding seals, boasting solely vestigial stays of their once-human kind.

This set contains 36 plastic parts and is provided with 5x Citadel 25mm Round Bases and 3x Citadel 40mm Round Bases. These miniatures are provided unpainted and require meeting – we suggest utilizing Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel paints.

Chaos Daemons Dice Set $38

The daemonic forces of Chaos invade actuality in service to the Dark Gods, leaving naught however demise and corruption of their path. Show your allegiance to the shadowy depths of the warp – and maybe the First Prince who dwells there – with this set of Chaos Daemons-themed cube.

This set consists of 20 six-sided cube measuring 16mm alongside every edge. They are forged in swirling patterns of black and gray, offset with metallic silver pips and a jagged 8-pointed star on every 6 face.


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