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GEN CON 2022: MAZES at MIDNIGHT | EN World | Dungeons & Dragons

GEN CON 2022: MAZES at MIDNIGHT | EN World | Dungeons & Dragons


Why attend Gen Con? From time to time, that query arises from gaming followers which have but to attend. Many of the replies try to recreate the dimension of the conference, it’s impressively massive, or contact on the thrill that gathering a stadium’s value of avid gamers in a single place generates. Because the scope of the conference (held throughout 4 days in a conference middle, a soccer stadium, and a number of other inns) is tough to explain succinctly, I’m going to take a special strategy. Recounting a single gaming expertise, let’s take a look at what made ninth Level Games’ MAZES at MIDNIGHT my every part for Gen Con 2022.


What is MAZES & Powered by Polymorph?​

Chris O’Neill of 9th Level Games got down to create an old style tabletop roleplaying expertise with trendy mechanics. MAZES: Fantasy Roleplaying makes use of the Polymorph ruleset. Winner of the IGDN BEST RULES 2020 and nominee for the 2020 ENNIE Awards (BEST RULES), this engine is fabricated from pure enjoyable on the gaming desk. Used in The Excellents, Savage Sisters, Rebel Scum, The Return to Dark Tower (coming quickly), and MAZES: Fantasy Roleplaying, count on guidelines mild, trendy gameplay that calls again to the Nineteen Seventies type of RPG.

In MAZES, you’re a fantasy adventurer represented by a single die (d4, d6, d8, or d10). Adventure begins on the entrance to the dungeon. As you encounter monsters, the GM requires rolls in opposition to static charts. Based in your die, some might be simpler to attain than others. 1s and the best quantity in your die have particular outcomes and may explode in sure conditions. Want a preview of the foundations? Check out this hyperlink. Taken as a complete, the sport is among the greatest pick-up-and-play fast recreation fantasy dungeon crawls in the marketplace.

MAZES 02.jpg

The Excellents at Origins, the Start of My MAZE

I’ve interviewed Chris in regards to the Polymorph engine a number of occasions (The Excellents, MAZES, and Return to Dark Tower), every time changing into increasingly intrigued. At Origins Game Fair 2021, I performed 9th Level GamesThe Excellents (examine it right here and right here). At a conference of nice RPGs, the two-hour session of The Excellents stood out. Great GM, nice gamers, and an ideal system. The journey was foolish and great, and I actually felt the enjoyable that Polymorph provides. After taking part in, I headed over to ninth Level Games’ sales space and purchased the MAZES zines, 4 booklets that carry down the foundations and ideas behind them.

Those zines brings us to MAZES many codecs. Originally provided as 4 RPG zines through Kickstarter’s Zine Quest 2019, this RPG is offered in quite a lot of codecs. The unique zines:


The comply with up Zine Quest 2020 zines:


The promotional MONSTERS & MAZES: fantasy roleplaying “demake” zine model of the sport. Twelve pages together with a canopy, all #20 bond inventory or the like. It’s skinny and floppy and seems like it’s of the Nineteen Seventies/80s period zine sharing. As a brief product it options an old style type compression of the ruleset.

If you’re fearful in regards to the quantity of merchandise and what you should personal with a view to play, don’t. If you may have all or any of those zines, they’re nice. However, by means of a current Kickstarter, ninth Level Games revised the system combining it right into a single hardcover. MAZES: Fantasy Roleplaying is the one e book you should play this recreation and it’s accessible as a hardcover and as a PDF, each for the primary time. This is the definitive model of the sport and my choice.

Gen Con Banner with Dragon.png

MAZES at Midnight at Gen Con 2022

With the ideas behind MAZES established, let’s focus on why this was my prime occasion of Gen Con 2022.

On Thursday on the Indie Game Developer Network’s sales space, I bumped into Chris O’Neill of ninth Level Games and a number of other members of the ninth Level Games crew. We talked and I discussed I’ll be at MAZES at MIDNIGHT on Saturday. I’ll paraphrase the remainder.

Chris – You’re operating MAZES.

Egg – Nah, simply signed as much as play.

Chris – Hey, you are operating a desk; we’re quick on GMs. <wink>

It was a pleasant encounter (nicer than my phrases and skinny reminiscence portrays), and it’s flattering to be requested. That stated, the request stunned me. I’m not the eternally GM of my desk, we rotate. As such, I don’t count on to run video games at each desk. I didn’t count on to be referred to as to assist out as a result of it’s not all the time my place. Beyond that, I’d performed The Excellents at Origins, learn and experimented with MAZES, however I didn’t have the ruleset all the way down to run it. However, I knew that many firms have been having a tough time securing GMs for Gen Con (a number of gamers attended the conference, however GMs have been rarer than in pre-Covid occasions). Several firms put out requires GMs within the run as much as Gen Con. With that in thoughts, I understood Chris’ dilemma, he wanted extra GMs as a result of he was about 100 seats open for MAZES at MIDNIGHT. It was good to be requested, for certain, however we settled on the perhaps record for me.

Jump to dinner Saturday evening at Connor’s Kitchen throughout from the conference middle. In a little bit of coincidence, my mates and I’m going in and so they seat us subsequent to Chris and Heather O’Neill and the remainder of ninth Level Games. I stroll over to say hello and Chris shares that they’re almost offered out for MAZES at MIDNIGHT and he requested if I’d run one of many tables for actual. I agreed. Then I spent dinner and on a regular basis till moving into the gaming room memorizing the PDF of the foundations from my telephone.

At 11:30 PM, Chris introduced us (20ish GMs of the ninth Level Games crew) collectively within the Indiana Convention Center (ICC) rooms 144 and 145, two rooms with 20ish spherical tables for 8 or so avid gamers every, a stage for displays, and a projector. They ran over the situation (preprinted with character sheets as identify plate tents), reviewed their presentation, and the foundations. The rule of cool was the order of the evening. The evaluation guided me to lean right into a enjoyable time over being a guidelines lawyer. Since I used to be operating for an organization, I needed to do a superb job representing them.

At midnight, the doorways opened for the 96 ticket holders. In addition, they took generics on the door, so it was a full occasion. My buddies sat at my desk together with gamers I had not gamed with earlier than. Chris O’Neill took the mic, laid out the foundations and setup for the room. Then the lights went out because the black lights got here up. All of the pages and identify tents began to glow and the journey was on. The characters awoke, discovered a statue of them slaying a dragon, climbed a tower, fought skeletons, a lich, and a dragon. Throughout, every participant received a number of moments to shine in an RPG tailor made for a con recreation. MAZES does an ideal job of feeling like old fashioned D&D with out the necessity to reference books or continually research your character sheet. There are dynamics and choices making the engine for a two-hour con recreation, it was good!

My GM type is to maintain the digital camera shifting so nobody is sitting round bored. Since Polymorph allows you to narrate your actions, you are able to do that understanding all it’s important to do is roll the identical die. Play is quick and fluid. Each participant did their motion, or groups did their duties, after which it was on to the subsequent highlight.

One hour and forty-five minutes later, we have been completed. It was Saturday evening, the final evening of the con and, for some, the final recreation. As a GM, I needed it to be particular. As somebody representing ninth Level Games, I needed to do a superb job for Chris and Heather. While my buddies have been happy with the session, it was the new-to-me gamers that I needed to get suggestions from. Did they get pleasure from it? This quote meant lots to me: “I wanted to do one more game tonight. This was exactly what I wanted to play!” It felt like a hit for everybody that select a die.

As an added bonus, every participant received a put up card with a cranium and a QR code taking them to ninth Level Games’ MAZES web page (right here). If they took the put up card to the Indie Press Revolution (IPR) sales space, then they might get a free copy of MONSTERS & MAZES: fantasy roleplaying, the “demake” zine model of the sport that I discussed earlier than.

Screenshot of some of MAZES at MIDNIGHT.png


For the gamers, they received to check out the sport and, in the event that they appreciated it, might choose up a free simplified copy of the sport or purchase the total recreation. For me as an attendee, I had a special form of expertise. I used to be requested to run as an alternative of play by top-of-the-line designers in video games. I used to be humbled to be entrusted with a desk. Fortunately, it was an ideal recreation, a properly thought out journey, and an keen group of gamers.

After the sport, the gamers cleared out and I went round to every of the GMs and provided them a duplicate of my roleplaying pamphlet, HUMAN… ALMOST (DriveThruRPG and Itch.io). For me, it was a great way to connect with different GMs, ones that I heard doing nice work throughout me. I used to be joyful to speak to them, bump fists, and, hopefully, unfold the gospel of roleplaying pamphlets and my recreation. Heck, I even received a praise about my challenge on-line from ENNIE Award winner, Chris O’Neill.

When speaking about Gen Con and whether or not you must go, that is the kind of expertise which means a lot to me. I got here to play, I ended up operating, and it was a greater time for it. If you might be in search of a gaming expertise the place your presence and enter are appreciated, Gen Con provides you one thing you’ll keep in mind as a gamer, the sudden.

If the Polymorph system sounds intriguing, ninth Level Games has one other RPG utilizing the system coming to Kickstarter in early September. Venture Society Roleplaying Game is an all-ages, non-violent RPG that promotes social emotional studying. Sign up early right here to get a free fast begin journey immediate card deck once you again the marketing campaign.

Egg Embry attends conventions as a member of the press. He participates within the OneBookShelf Affiliate Program, Noble Knight Games’ Affiliate Program, and is an Amazon Associate. These packages present promoting charges by linking to DriveThruRPG, Noble Knight Games, and Amazon.



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