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Goatboy right here. I’ve an concept to mud off these lonely Chaos Daemons Soulgrinders and kick some booty on the tabletop.

We’ll discuss extra about Votann as soon as all of the fashions come out and I actually wrap my head round a Zerker model checklist.  I believe that one might have some legs because it lot of the Judgement stuff is much less of a difficulty and it’s all about smashing face.  Also – let’s see what occurs with the stability bit coming I’m positive after Chicago or after the GW KC occasion (which I’m going to so say hello in case you are going too).  Today’s checklist thought is because of me discovering my Soul Grinders sitting on the shelf and questioning – can we match 3 with as many different large smashers as we will?

Chaos Daemons  Mommy and Daddy

Be’lakor – The different large query is what large smashers do I exploit and the way do I maintain the primary man/monster – Be’lakor alive lengthy sufficient to warp Locus some nonsense on the tabletop.  I believe there might be some play of floating across the edges. Figuring out what’s an issue, after which teleporting up and dropping the ache of huge mechanical idiots into their strains.  It won’t work. But it ought to gradual it down sufficient to trigger some points.  Heck slowing anybody down is the entire level of this recreation.

Lord of Change – The different large monsters actually are depending on determining methods to have one other “target” that’s laborious to take care of.  I maintain interested by the Lord of Change set as much as be the Warlord with a -1 to wound and -1 to hit.  Then throw of their fancy gown and also you get a mannequin that may sit all the way in which again, transfer out as wanted, and survive a bit longer.  The different concern from there’s what different large monster as you find yourself operating out of factors fairly shortly attributable to Troops and different laborious issues so as to add in.  I maintain desirous to get Skarbrand in there as he’s one other actually imply cruise missile of dying to throw on the market.  He retains armies locked down and will let the Grinders get to Grindering down on the enemy.

Let’s throw these all collectively for the final Daemon checklist for awhile as I look to totally different books and work out different bizarre issues to throw on the desk high.

Soul Grinders Happy Family

Chaos Daemons Patrol – 0CP

Lord of Change – Architect of Deception, Warlord (-1CP) – Incorporeal Form, Relic (-1CP) – Impossible Robe – 345pts
Be’Lakor – 420pts

Bloodletters X 10 – Icon, Instrument – 130pts

Soul Grinder – Warpsword, Daemon of Nurgle – 190pts
Soul Grinder – Warpsword, Daemon of Nurgle – 190pts

Chaos Daemos Patrol – -2CP

Skarbrand – 330pts

Bloodletters X 10 – Icon, Instrument – 130pts

Flamers of Tzeentch X 3 – 75pts

Soul Grinder – Warpsword, Daemon of Nurgle – 190pts

PTs: 2000 CP: 2

Chaos Daemons Soul Grinders Tactics & Tips

This is a fairly easy checklist you retain your two bigs alive with Bloodletters on the board hiding.  Your grinders, Skarbrand, and Flamers ought to be capable to sit within the warp until you want them to return down and get to work.  The Bloodletters can cover and finally you begin to teleport them round – particularly after Skarbrand hits the desk.  Of course – this  might all not work and your simply left with a smoking crater of Daemons crying softly within the warp. Your mileage could range.

All hail the First Prince!


Thomas Reidy, aka Goatboy, the ever-evil member of BoLS. I do arts, play 40k, and even paint quite a lot of stuff. I’ve been enjoying Warhammer 40K for the reason that Nineteen Nineties, and have received a number of nationwide occasions together with Adepticon and GW GTs. I’ve been writing for BoLS for 15 years. Look at my Instagram to see what I’m engaged on – or engaged on for somebody. I’m at all times doing one thing interest associated.



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