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Goatboy right here with a fast and soiled evaluate of the brand new Chaos Daemon Codex, the great, AND the dangerous.

I received’t lie I’m not the most important fan of this e-book. I don’t assume it’s fully unusable nevertheless it actually feels – effectively simply phoned in while you evaluate this codex the Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Knight books.  There simply isn’t almost as many cool and attention-grabbing issues on this Codex.  It isn’t  dangerous –  it’s simply not what I wished.  I’ll use it and most definitely win video games with it – I simply don’t like effectively “Chaos” it as a lot as I wished too.

As typical I break it down fairly merely into Good, Bad, and Ugly columns.  This manner it’s fairly easy in how I attempt to determine these books out and see if I can construct one thing distinctive sufficient to tug me away from Chaos Space Marines.  I believe I’ll find yourself utilizing some Agents of Chaos nonsense to get them into armies however will speak about it a bit extra as I break it down.

Codex Chaos Daemons – The Good

Hey it’s a ninth version e-book and it has guidelines that match into ninth version.  I used to be by no means a fan of Summoning because it was only a bizarre mechanic.  I didn’t wish to convey a bunch of daemons and different bits plus it by no means felt proper.  So I put it within the good column because it ought to simply go away as a reasonably outdated rule that didn’t match.  Oh and talking of guidelines – this e-book was arrange in another way than the others with every god and their related items in every of their sections.  They had Warlord traits, relics, spells, strats, and guidelines all damaged down into their teams. I like this and assume it’s a nicer strategy to break up these items up.

Better Dataslates

On the principles entrance nearly all the Dataslates simply straight bought higher.  More wounds, extra energy, higher motion, and different guidelines all simply bought higher which is nice.  A variety of the Greater Daemons bought near being usable – particularly while not having to make use of CP’s to get them to develop into exalted. This is an efficient factor and one other good half for this up to date codex as plenty of stuff simply bought higher.


I do like among the new teleporting guidelines too.  Manifesting is an attention-grabbing possibility because it enables you to deep strike nearer based mostly on the enemies management.  You can deep strike inside 9″ or throughout the distance that’s their management.  Now this may very well be actually attention-grabbing in a whole lot of the chaos mixes as you could have choices to lower management far and wide.  You begin to present up inside 6″ and a ten man unit of Daemonettes or Bloodletters turns into scary.  Also Warp Locus enables you to deep strike inside somebody with that.  Chaos Space Marine have some  characters with it so we are able to see how this can combo to make for some enjoyable flip 2 explosion of daemon nonsense.

Better Psychics

I felt just like the Spells all bought tweaks to be higher too.  Tzeentch nonetheless doesn’t really feel as spell heavy correctly – however that’s effective because it suits throughout the present design for the e-book.  I like that Delightful Agonies is a 5+ FNP which matches all the opposite Chaos variations of that spell.  There is lots that feels extra in step with the opposite books which is an efficient factor.

Be’Lakor is Bonkers! (within the great way)

Oh – Be’lakor is friggin bonkers too.  That Dataslate bought a glow up and anticipate to see him in lots of Daemon based mostly armies.  Heck he’s simply going to be a difficulty in a Supreme Command Detachment as he prompts all of the totally different god based mostly Warpstorm stuff, can make the most of a ton of various stratagems, and is a beat stick.  The different attention-grabbing glow up is the Soul Grinder as he’s now toughness 8 with a ton of wounds.  He will get some cool skills based mostly on what god he likes (not needing factors even) so he may present up as an Agent of Chaos as his factors is fairly aggressively costed for an enormous monster of daemon engine.

Chariots – Really!

The Slaanesh Chariots all bought higher.  Heck all the chariots bought higher too.  I shiver on the considered attempting to construct an enormous Hellflayer however even that loopy factor is healthier.  There goes to be a full bore chariot military for Daemons that can piss me off as a result of it’s good however I’ll by no means attempt to purchase it.  Oh and a cool factor if you happen to take a Greater daemon you’ll be able to take an accompanying Herald that doesn’t take up an HQ slot.  That is fairly dang cool and an effective way to actually quit a whole lot of assassination factors or Abhor the Witch.

Codex Chaos Daemons – The Bad

This e-book feels very boring in its design.  The total military guidelines for being pure daemons is simply – you get entry to a Warp Storm chart that permits you to attempt to acquire some Warp Storm factors and get to spend them on skills.  All of the skills aren’t dangerous – they only all value an excessive amount of.  This feels prefer it was considered and somebody simply went too far to the under-balanced facet of issues as an alternative of constructing it too good.  You roll 8d6 and on every 4+ you get a degree you’ll be able to spend through the full Battle Turn.  This means you might be hoping for 4 so all the skills needs to be set as much as push in the direction of that with plenty of 1, some 2,s and one of the best ones being 3.  The e-book all went plus one for all of those. It actually hurts this rule that was presupposed to be designed to assist them dwell.

Pick Your Warlord Trait Carefully

Of course you do have Warlord traits that allow you to retailer some WS factors – however the different large dangerous from that is there is no such thing as a stratagem to get an additional Warlord trait.  That is correct – you solely get one Warlord trait in case you are enjoying a pure Chaos daemons military.  There are so many attention-grabbing traits however solely with the ability to take one royally sucks.  You get further Relic choices for the e-book – however no Warlord traits which actually hampers the Warp Storm rule.

The different factor is there is no such thing as a mono god bonus’s in addition to the storm.  Where are your loci guidelines that give advance and cost?  How about some loopy Khorne one which makes Psychics a ache within the butt.  Oh hey what a couple of Nurgle FNP or another form of powerful possibility? Or what about Tzeentch one which cascades spells into one another.  Nope this e-book offers you none of that.

Goodbye Big Mobs

Speaking of Spells – Pink horrors are not casters.  Heck all the troops really feel very weak as a result of you’ll be able to solely ever take 10 per selection.  That is correct no extra large blobs of 30 fashions working across the desk.  All of the Daemon troop items are over 100 factors which is an enormous ache within the butt.  It appears like the military wished to be an elite military with out the good thing about making the elite military survivable.

High Point Cost and Delicate

A bunch of 4+ saves into 1 wound fashions that aren’t that powerful is not any strategy to hold a military round.  The Pink horrors positive have a 3+ to capturing however you get there they explode.  Their new exploding rule is good that it doesn’t value factors to have saved for splitting – however with solely 10 fashions and every break up occurring on a 4+ from an assault it isn’t almost nearly as good as you need it to be.  I just like the Daemonettes probably the most as they’re low cost, quick and have a whole lot of assaults.  But when you begin going from there it will get more durable to actually justify investing in these chaotic our bodies of nonsense.

Codex Chaos Daemons – The Ugly

They took out Furies regardless that there’s a plastic package from Warcry. They took out one of many higher RND/Secondary choices for the Daemon e-book.  Nurglings bought hit too as they’ll’t do actions are not a troop selection.  Nurgle misplaced FNP however they did acquire wounds and toughness. But we all know this recreation is filled with murderous firepower that makes issues not survive such as you need them too.

There Will Be Objective Issues

They simply bleed Assassination, Bring it Down, and Abhor the witch factors.  In truth that is most likely going to be one of many simpler armies to select goals into because it tries to assault you with often large issues that quit factors simply.  Your choices to attain aren’t almost nearly as good as you need them to be as a result of the e-book ones are simply – kinda enh.  I believe GW ought to have a look at a secondary and if it  can’t be completed simpler than Banners than they shouldn’t print it.

It Could Be Spicier

Really, a bland feelling Codex is de facto the large concern of all of this.  I like the thought of the Warp Storm – nevertheless it must be tweaked to be higher with extra choices.  Their saves are additionally annoying as I perceive the reasoning behind it – however a bunch of 4+ saves solely matter if you happen to can disguise them in automobiles that may also be a 4+ save and take hits.  The Greater Daemons are neat however the whole lot feels simply strategy to costly.  I simply can’t see how some issues survive when Abbie and his Dawg Pound will simply shoot issues off of the desk.  Let alone a Tau military going absolutely on-line and able to homicide issues.

Next few weeks may have me speak about totally different lists and ideas on the gods as we wait on the subsequent 40k launch.  Something tells me we’re going to be in for a tough journey when that subsequent new codex comes out.

All hail the Primordial Annihilator


Thomas Reidy, aka Goatboy, the ever-evil member of BoLS. I do arts, play 40k, and even paint a whole lot of stuff. I’ve been enjoying Warhammer 40K for the reason that Nineteen Nineties, and have received a number of nationwide occasions together with Adepticon and GW GTs. I’ve been writing for BoLS for 15 years. Look at my Instagram to see what I’m engaged on – or engaged on for somebody. I’m at all times doing one thing interest associated.



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