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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40K : So, About Those New World Eaters

Goatboy’s Warhammer 40K : So, About Those New World Eaters


Goatboy right here to speak all concerning the upcoming new World Eaters launch. Blood for the Blood God!

I gained’t lie – I’m very excited for the discharge as similar to each CSM participant a World Eaters military is one thing we’ve all needed, deliberate for, and even accomplished sooner or later in our throes of Chaos Space Marine constructing.  In reality it is among the extra iconic armies on the market with so many various methods you may go.  Of course this new e-book appears to essentially push it in the direction of the daemonic facet of issues however I’m positive you can determine a very candy Horus Heresy type White and Blue military for those who needed.

But that isn’t what I need to discuss as we speak – I need to talk about what we had been proven and what is likely to be upcoming. There was a small leak earlier with some factors that appears to be legit – a minimum of the names of the items are.  While not a considerable amount of selections with some missing parts (Why oh why don’t a few of the Cult have bikes, or raptors, or different cool issues!) it does  showcase some neat issues that we acquired to see – specifically the brand new Troop alternative, a 2 tiered elite choice, and what appears to be like like a candy HQ alternative that isn’t only a named character.

World Eater HQs

Let’s begin with the HQ as we now see a Generic Juggernaut lord choice.  I used to be actually hoping for extra Jugger rider choices however it appears to be like like that isn’t within the playing cards so we will actually solely take a look at having 2-3 in a listing if we needed to not have any CP.  The leak reveals no choices for it so the picture is what we get – or all of the choices on there are free.  I’m hoping for the later as we simply noticed a special head, plasma pistol, and a few form of chainsword choice.  You would assume there can be some killer Chainaxe like factor too however we’ll simply have to attend to see.

I’m guessing the unit will simply be an excellent monster Chaos Lord or possibly some form of combination Exalted Champion choice to permit for a number of stack reroll choices.  Heck there isn’t a Dark Apostle so possibly this man traces ups with that simply as a result of using some form of monstrous Daemon like creature.  My solely worry which incorporates the Special Character is that Cavalry is only a tough key phrase to have.  I might hope he’s a beast as he can Kool-aid man through partitions to carry the true reality of Khorne to the lots.  We’ll simply have to attend and see because it appears to be like like a pleasant “birthday” present for myself as a January child (and it falls on a Friday this 12 months giving me a Friday the thirteenth spooky birthday – hopefully with a Tattoo).

World Eater Elites

Next up we take a look at the 2 Elite selections with the Eightbound and the Exalted Eightbound.  It appears like a bizarre unit as one choice is 3-6 (matching up with some form of fascinating Chosen/Possessed choice) and the Exalted being a locked in 3 unit alternative.  It doesn’t seem like the field actually syncs up because the fashions look fairly completely different so the query is what do these guys do?  If they’re possessed I might hope they’ve extra wounds being locked at 3-6 (why not 8?) and the entire having 8 daemons connected to their spirit.

I do surprise if the Exalted variations are some form of break up aside HQ like alternative that may run round and assist out the armies? They would possibly present some form of bonus for the Daemonic selections or simply – being extra brutal than the common one simply as a Character choice.  Or we go in a totally completely different course and make them the precise “prayer” level or Wulfen like choice that simply explodes out a set of Auras to get your boys tremendous mad.  There is quite a lot of thought to this and whereas it type of matches up with how the preliminary Thousand Sons launch had the Exalted Sorcerer field we would see one thing a bit completely different.  We’ll  simply have to attend and see.


Finally on as we speak’s batch of stuff the Jackhals are a coming with a bunch of loopy wanting Cultists of Khorne.  I hope they’re good however these days any Cultist choice simply feels misplaced within the present 40k surroundings.  A moist fart murders these kinds of items and any solution to make them higher nonetheless isn’t used that a lot.  The loopy mutated cultists from the latest launch are only a tad bit costly blended with not having the ability to do a lot aside from hang around and loiter on an goal.  I hope these guys are simply not an inexpensive troop option to drop some form of cranium banner on. Hopefully they do one thing neat like Sacrifice themselves to extend a blood tithe factor or one thing else cool.  They fashions look candy with the enormous wanting man carrying a morning star of demise.

Terminators – Where are the Red Butchers?

Those are the concepts from the brand new pics and the leak showcases a quite lean e-book.  The Terminators don’t have any form of Butcher like identify however they’re costlier than their CSM counterparts.  More than only a Mark of Khorne.  I don’t know if this implies they simply get some further guidelines like Fight twice or we’ve to pay for his or her improve in one other means.  I don’t like paying CP for them and whereas the present  e-book permits you to take the Black Run of Damnation I’m guessing this e-book gained’t have one thing related.  Again it has me hoping we acquired some form of Prayer motion or different distinctive factor to assist maintain your guys alive as they run throughout the desk screaming about Skulls, Blood, and the Rent being too damned excessive.

Angron & Friends

I hoped we acquired some form of cool Daemonic Engine of demise that Khorne used to have in epic and different video games.  The Lord of Skulls is there and whereas that’s cool it isn’t setting the world on hearth with its Tonka truck like treads and unhealthy perspective.  Angron finally ends up being the opposite Lord of War and his value appears low to different Primarchs however greater than a few of the Greater Daemons.  I hope he’s a minimum of pretty much as good because the loopy Bloodthirster choice that’s on the market however must wait and see.  At least he has stored his wings not like Skarbrand.  The Maulerfiend is a minimum of a part of the e-book and I hope we’ve some cool stacking choices with them as a complete Brass Stampede can be neat to play with and possibly towards.

I’m excited for the e-book and whereas I’m not getting all the pieces I needed I’m nonetheless getting some cool choices.  Another Primarch is cool, new Juggernaut nonsense is nice, and most probably the brand new Daemon Prince equipment will come out too – letting you’ve a totally new “Plastic” military of demise with up to date fashions throughout.  I’m hopeful everybody has an excellent Thanksgiving and whereas I’m not getting World Eaters for my turkey day it does seem like my Birthday goes to be stuffed with indignant pink chaos house marines.

Skulls for the Skull Throne!


Thomas Reidy, aka Goatboy, the ever-evil member of BoLS. I do arts, play 40k, and even paint quite a lot of stuff. I’ve been taking part in Warhammer 40K because the Nineteen Nineties, and have gained a number of nationwide occasions together with Adepticon and GW GTs. I’ve been writing for BoLS for 15 years. Look at my Instagram to see what I’m engaged on – or engaged on for somebody. I’m at all times doing one thing interest associated.

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