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Gobble-Gobble ROAR! Let’s Play D&D With the Turkeybear

Gobble-Gobble ROAR! Let’s Play D&D With the Turkeybear


This Thanksgiving we’re taking up the terrifying Turkeybear. But if we win there’s the promise of a rejuvenating hero’s feast!

I reside in turkey nation today. This signifies that typically my husband will get just a little video of a turkey or three strolling previous my workplace window whereas the Jurassic Park theme performs. I’ve additionally been chased by an indignant wild turkey earlier than and they’re terrifying. So when a flock is hanging out in our entrance yard, I simply don’t depart the home till they’ve moved on. I feel the neighborhood turkeys are acquainted sufficient with individuals to not assault me, however I don’t know for certain.

You don’t should assume I’m humorous. I feel I’m humorous.

But you recognize who would (in all probability) tackle a wandering household of untamed turkeys? Our D&D characters! In reality, I wager they might tackle a whole…


A combination between the Owlbear and your run-of-the-mill Turkey, the Turkeybear is coming to peck at your celebration members. They have the entire normal monster strikes with Multiattack, Claw, and Beak (which might normally be chunk). But the Turkeybear isn’t simply an Owlbear ripoff nor merely an excuse for me to inform you about my neighborhood fowl.

Okay, it’s just a little little bit of these issues. But it’s additionally a really enjoyable and thematically particular addition to your Thanksgiving week D&D classes.

Art by Goatboy.

The Sonic Gobble is predicated on the real-life response you get to listen to that turkey gobble while you’re minding your individual enterprise in your kitchen. Suddenly they’re on the market and it’s a must to do the psychological math to determine in the event you’ll be late dropping the kiddo off at daycare or in the event that they’ll cease hanging out round your automobile quickly. Regular Earth turkeys aren’t doling out thunder injury, and that’s one thing the Turkeybear has up on them. But the worry is actual. Of course, our characters are armed with weapons and magic, I’m certain they received’t be that scared.

The excellent news, although, is that the Turkeybear doles out a fairly helpful reward as soon as defeated. A fallen Turkeybear turns into a hero’s feast (or the best Thanksgiving Dinner you’ve ever had). This feast is so good that it brings again your hit factors and spell slots and leaves you able to combat one other battle. Which is to say it acts as an extended relaxation. And in fact, everyone knows the key finest a part of Thanksgiving is the leftovers you get to eat within the solitary tranquility of your individual house the following day. Defeating a Turkeybear will at all times depart you with sufficient leftovers for brief relaxation producing sandwiches the following day.

Courtesy of D&D Heroes’ Feast Cookbook

Would you combat the Turkeybear for an opportunity on the scrumptious hero’s feast? Have you ever met an actual turkey within the wild? What monster or journey would you add to your D&D session to make it just a little extra vacation minded for Thanksgiving? Let us know within the feedback!

Happy Adventuring!


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