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Greenlander – Kickstarter Demo | Alpha Beta Gamer

Greenlander – Kickstarter Demo | Alpha Beta Gamer


Greenlander is a brutal top-down Hotline Miami-esque motion recreation the place a Norse settler wreaks revenge on sea pirates that destroyed his residence.

In Greenlander you step into the sneakers of a Norseman who returned to his residence in Greenland to seek out that it had been destroyed by sea pirates. You’ll now draw on the wrath of your Viking ancestors and go away a path of our bodies in your wake as you search vengeance.

The gameplay in Greenlander is quick, enjoyable and brutal. It performs equally to Hotline Miami, however there are some important variations. There are not any weapons, however you may decide up and throw objects, akin to bins to knock enemies over (after which stamp on their head to kill them). Also, you may have a round-shield, which you should use to cost by means of assaults and knock enemies over. You must cost up your rage meter to make use of it although, which you do by killing an enemy – which lets you create brutal chains of killing and shield-bashing that may remove a number of enemies in seconds.

The Greenlander demo is fairly quick and bare-bones (and it might do with including slightly distinction to let you see your character simpler), however the pixel paintings is great and there’s an excellent movement to the fight. It’s a really promising twist on the Hotline Miami system stuffed with brutal axe-wielding violence.

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Check Out a Greenlander Gameplay Video Here

Download The Greenlander Kickstarter Demo Here (Windows)



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