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GW, Warhammer, 40K & Fantasy Minis Trivia Challenge – August twelfth

It’s Friday! Kick-off your weekend with this retro problem for the old-schoolers on the market.

What historic Games Workshop, 40K, and Warhammer minis are these? 

Everyone loves a trivia problem, and Games Workshop has been cranking them out for the reason that Nineteen Seventies. Over the a long time GW has been making miniatures for all the pieces from Dungeons & Dragons, to Star Trek, Judge Dredd, Lord of the Rings, to all of the flavors of Warhammer, and too many others to depend.  So take a minute to go over some samples from the times of yore, and see if you happen to can determine:

  • What System is is from?
  • What Miniature is it?
  • What Year did it come out?

Oh yeah, most significantly… HAVE FUN!


~Let’s see who the minis loremaster actually is.  Have an important weekend everyone!

Last week’s minis (L to R): Wolfguard Terminator (40K-RT), River Troll (WFB), Bionik Boyz (40K-RT)

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