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Hackers can now sneak malware into the GIFs you share

How low will malware go to get onto your system? We thought utilizing Minecraft to realize entry to your pc was essentially the most nefarious technique hackers have produced, however there’s a brand new, even decrease kind of assault that makes use of Microsoft Teams and GIFs to mount phishing assaults in your pc.

The new assault is known as GIFShell and it installs malware in your pc to steal information. It does so by sneaking itself into innocent-looking GIFs after which ready so that you can share the GIF together with your colleagues through Microsoft Teams.

A video call in progress on Microsoft Teams.

The downside was found by cybersecurity knowledgeable Bobby Rauch, who shared his findings solely with Bleeping Computers. This new GIF assault exploits a number of vulnerabilities in Microsoft Teams to create a series of command executions.

The solely factor the attackers want is a option to get into Microsoft Teams within the first place, and so they have settled on considered one of everybody’s favourite internet objects: GIFs. The assaults embody malicious code in base64 encoded GIFs. They then use Microsoft’s personal internet infrastructure to unpack the instructions and set up them immediately in your pc.

Microsoft Teams is pretty safe and has a number of ranges of safety in opposition to malicious file sharing. However, GIFs are normally benign, and other people love sharing them. They’re the right conduit for assaults.

The information can spoof your pc into opening Windows applications comparable to Excel. It can then ship information again to its originator by tricking Windows into connecting to a distant server.

Rauch disclosed his findings to Microsoft in May 2022, however the firm has but to repair the issues. Microsoft informed Bleeping Computers the GIF assaults “do not meet the bar for an urgent security fix.”

The neatest thing you are able to do for now’s to not open any GIFs somebody could share with you on Teams. We’ll keep watch over this story and allow you to know when, and if, Microsoft will get round to fixing the vulnerability.

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