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Handshakes – Game Jam Build

Handshakes is a intelligent grid-based sokoban-esque puzzle sport the place you try and make two characters with lengthy wobbly arms shake palms.

In every stage of Handshakes your purpose is to make 2 characters shake palms. Each character has an extended wobbly arm which you’ll lengthen and appeal to by way of the degrees. You management one character’s hand with the WASD keys and the opposite character’s hand with the arrow keys. The arms can solely be prolonged to sure lengths although so you should work out workarounds to bypass obstacles. Things begin off pretty simply however issues get a lot trickier as soon as switches, pushable crates and tactical amputations are launched.

The core mechanics of Handshakes are pretty easy and straightforward to get the grips with. But the cleverly crafted ranges are packed filled with creative puzzles that may actually check your gray matter. It’s a fantastic little puzzler and the straightforward act of shaking palms has by no means been so tough!

Play Handshakes Here (Browser)



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