Home RPG Harvestella showcases half-hour of gameplay; new particulars on recreation cycle, areas, omens, fight, and extra

Harvestella showcases half-hour of gameplay; new particulars on recreation cycle, areas, omens, fight, and extra

Harvestella showcases half-hour of gameplay; new particulars on recreation cycle, areas, omens, fight, and extra


Square Enix has provided a number of extra particulars on fantasy life simulation RPG Harvestella

In addition to being featured in a Nintendo Treehouse reside stream for a roughly 30-minute presentation, Square Enix additionally shared many new screenshots and particulars relating to new areas, Omens, fight, and extra.

The Harvestella gameplay could be seen within the video under at 49:00.

You can discover new particulars relating to story, Omens, fight, and extra under. New screenshots could be discovered within the gallery.

Harvestella is about to launch on November 4 for Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam). For extra data on Harvestella, you may try:


Our protagonist awakes on a hill close to Lethe Village, having been saved by a health care provider named Cres.


A meteorite-like object blazes by means of the sky and falls to the north of Lethe Village. A wounded Omen is discovered inside the thing. Omens are mentioned to be the foundation supply of the calamity befalling this world. The protagonist begins their new life, residing in a vacant home on the hill and watching over the Omen.


Game Cycle

You will all the time get up in your mattress at dwelling. Whether you select to work the fields or to go adventuring, your actions throughout the day are fully as much as you. However, the actions you may take will turn into extra restricted as you begin to really feel sleepy. Make positive to go dwelling and fall asleep earlier than the night time is over!



Lethe Village

A village within the neighborhood of the Fall Seaslight and close to to the hill generally known as Bird’s Eye Brae, the place the protagonist makes their dwelling. Since Lethe within reason near all of the Seaslight, it experiences the 4 seasons.


There are every kind of helpful outlets in Lethe Village, the place you could find on a regular basis necessities or make preparations earlier than setting out on journey.


Higan Canyon

The approach to the Fall Seaslight passes by means of Higan Canyon, characterised by its placing foliage that blazes a deep crimson. In pursuit of the woman who departed for the Seaslight, the protagonist heads into the depths of Higan Canyon.


It appears as if the protagonist shall be heading for the Seaslight with an Omen they encountered on the way in which…


Is the abrupt look of a unicorn the arrival of a good friend…or foe?



Omens are hated and feared by people. They cowl themselves in thick armour and perform investigations on the Seaslights – though their motives are unknown. Because of such actions, a superb variety of individuals suspect the Omens are behind the incidence of Quietus. The Omens are shrouded in thriller. What is their goal?



“For now though, I must do something to calm the Seaslight.”

Dianthus is an Omen – the race said to be the cause of Quietus. As she heads towards the Fall Seaslight for her purposes, she becomes unable to move in Higan Canyon. After being saved by the protagonist, they continue towards the Fall Seaslight together.



Jobs have unique weapons and use characteristic skills. By recruiting a character with a certain job, the player-controlled protagonist will also become able to use that same job.

Assault Savant: A job that utilizes science and martial arts, it can use skills to switch the attributes and effects of its regular attacks.

Changing jobs also switches your outfit!

Break Gauges & Special Attacks

Stronger enemies such as bosses have 4 types of “elemental weakness”. Attacking their elemental weaknesses fills up Break Gauges that may enhance the injury in the direction of enemies and lets you activate a one-time-only particular assault throughout a battle.

Respective elemental gauges are positioned on the highest left of the battle display screen. The gauges shall be in a “Break State” as soon as they’re stuffed up, enabling you to inflict extra injury to enemies.
You can study particular assaults by strengthening your bond along with your comrades. Special assaults could be activated as soon as Break Gauges adjoining to one another go right into a Break State.

Special Fall Produce

Some produce could be harvested all 12 months spherical, whereas some sorts of fruit and greens can solely be harvested in a selected season! Savour the seasonal work on the farm and delicacies specific to every season.



You will generally obtain letters in your mailbox. They would possibly comprise presents from the mayor or phrases of thanks from individuals you’ve helped. Some letters might even result in the beginning of a brand new story!


In the realm round your own home on Bird’s Eye Brae, you may maintain a pet and even rear livestock. Ride your pet Totokaku to journey shortly all over the world map!


Your Totokaku isn’t only for journey – generally it’d dig one thing up…!

Feed your Totokaku to assist it develop and turn into stronger. As it ranges up, it will likely be capable of do extra issues throughout journey!


Building animal pens close to your own home on Bird’s Eye Brae will will let you rear cluffowl and woolums. Rearing livestock will will let you receive eggs and milk, which you’ll then use in your cooking.

In addition to eggs and milk, there are particular stuff you’ll be capable of receive by elevating your bond along with your livestock. You can enhance the variety of livestock you may take care of by constructing extra animal pens.
Feed could be made with the Feed Maker processor.

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