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Hasbro Turning Against Tabletop?

Hasbro Turning Against Tabletop?


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did they announce the type of issues they might promote with micropayment in such? Historically the issue with Table Top video games is you promote product to the DM not the gamers (at the least till splat books tried to vary that). This might be an try and get extra out of gamers if thy promote you nicer avatars and such.

Its been tried way back to the late 90s. Never caught on.

The greatest disadvantage is that these items are usually massively ephemeral. Anyone who has had expertise with MMOs and particularly MSOs will possible concentrate on this by now.

The different no-sell issue is… It is WOTC. Edition Treadmill-Failure is the one Option-Woke Agenda-WOTC. 5 or so years later 7e will come out and OneD&D might be dropped for his or her new TwoD&D VTT. Shell out additional cash to by the brand new VTT platform suckers!




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