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Here’s the place you could find analog video games

Here’s the place you could find analog video games


I run the Indie RPG Pipeline for tabletop rpgs theindierpgpipeline.com the place I attempt to record each new indie rpg when it is launched (as there is no manner at present to filter full video games from add-ons and equipment). When I discover a new rpg nevertheless it is tough to share it nicely as itch.io would not have an rss feed or one other manner I can simply share the duvet and blurb to the pipeline weblog. I’ve began utilizing Collections as a substitute to gather all new rpgs every month however it will likely be a ache to relist them manually on the pipeline on the finish of the month. So some issues that may assist:

– create an rss feed so I can comply with all new entries posted to bodily video games and reshare new rpg blurbs to the pipeline

– require recreation uploaders to mark if it is a full recreation, complement or one thing else after which permit customers to filter on that

– permit customers to export or reshare a whole assortment as a listing of hyperlinks with blurbs.

I’d actually like to have the ability to give ttrpgs on itch the identical prominence as from different sources nevertheless it’s simply too labour intensive at current.



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