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Horus Heresy: Deimos Pattern Predator Unboxed

We acquired our arms on the brand new Deimos Pattern Predator and it’s acquired so many weapons! Get able to blast every little thing within the Horus Heresy!

The iconic Deimos Pattern Predator is up for Pre-Order this weekend from Games Workshop. This new plastic package is packing some traditional choices in addition to some new tips for the Horus Heresy.

Deimos Pattern Predator Unboxed

Ryan has some ideas on the Predator itself which we’ll cowl within the days to come back. So for now we’re simply going to concentrate on what’s within the field. And the reply to that’s weapons. Lots of weapons.

Aside from the normal Predator Autocannon choice, you’ve acquired 3 different turret choices: a gravis lascannon, a volkite macro-saker, or a graviton cannon. All of which fill completely different roles and fireplace at numerous ranges. If you wished to specialize along with your Predator you’re going to want to start out with whichever turret choice and construct from there.

From there you’ll wish to select which sponson choices greatest praise the Predator turret. If you desire a swiss military knife Predator you would go for weapons which can be “opposite” of the turret. Or in the event you wished to hyper specialize, you would go together with weapons that fill an analogous position. All lascannons, on a regular basis — that’s what we went for.

Assembly-wise this one went collectively fairly simple. It was truthfully a bit unusual in a nostalgic sort of method. Having constructed many a Rhino chassis in my day this was quite a bit like that. Only…completely different. This package had some slight enhancements vs the old fashioned Rhino-chassis kits and albeit was simpler to construct. There was just one hiccup that I wished to share with you all at the moment.


When assembling the hull, these fins on the underside that slot into the edges have been SUPER tight. I don’t know if the tolerances have been off or what, nevertheless it’s greater than only a “snug” match. I needed to shave them down and even then I needed to apply additional drive to get them the place they wanted to go. So simply FYI whenever you’re constructing your personal — concentrate on these fins and take a look at to not break the hull when assembling it.

Aside from that, it was a reasonably simple going construct. If you’re wanting so as to add a Predator or two (or extra) to your Horus Heresy listing then the Deimos Pattern is an effective package to try this with. Just make certain you choose a loadout that works greatest for you and the listing you wish to construct! Heck, we didn’t even point out the pintle mounted choices…

So. Many. Guns.


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