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Horus Hersey: Ultramarines Get the Upgrade Treatment With New Kits

Guilliman’s boys in blue are getting their heads and shoulders upgraded with new kits from Forge World.

The Ultramarines are the posterboys for the Space Marines and so it’s solely becoming that they get their flip within the improve dome. They’ve received a brand new pair of MKVI improve packs coming — one for heads and one for his or her shoulder pads. Let’s take a fast take a look at what’s coming down the pipe.

by way of Warhammer Community

“The XIII Legion tore a path in the direction of the Terra in customary parade model, outfitted in all of the finery of Ultramar. You can emulate their look with these soon-to-be Codex-compliant shoulder pads and helmets improve kits in your MKVI Tactical Squads.

Ultramarine MKVI Head Upgrades

Once once more we get a complete of 11 heads on this improve pack. 9 of them are alternate “beakie” helmets whereas the tenth has a “beakie” look with a crest. There’s additionally the traditional “I don’t mind getting shot in the face” non-helmeted model with laurels.

Ultramarine MKVI Shoulder Pad Upgrades

And lastly that brings us to the shoulder pads for the MKVI kits. These resin pads have the ultima sigil on them and do add an air of sophistication to your Marines. Perfect for designating squad sergeants or simply decking out complete squads. You can’t actually go mistaken with getting shoulder pad upgrades for any legion.

Both of those resin units are coming quickly so maintain a watch out in your subsequent batch from Forge World!


Roboute Guilliman can be happy with these upgrades!


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