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‘House of The Dragon’ Episode 4: Everyone’s Doing It

House of The Dragon Episode 4 provides us some main politics and a love triangle.

Political intrigue! Love! Sex! Power!  House of The Dragon Episode 4 has all of it. In a slower, much less action-packed episode, the present takes its time to essentially dig into a number of the characters. Others make some large strikes and a Princess has to make a tough selection.


The Return of the King

House of The Dragon Episode 4 begins out in Storms End. There, Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock on this episode) is on tour, looking for a husband. She’s unimpressed and after a struggle breaks out between the feuding Brackens and Blackwoods, she cuts all of it quick. She returns to King’s Landing similtaneously her Uncle Daemon. Having received the Step Stones he returns, now often known as the King of the Narrow Sea.

Arriving within the throne room Daemon dispels the strain by giving King Viserys Targaryen (Paddy Considine) the Crabfeeders hammer so as to add to the Iron Throne. He additionally provides Viserys his crown, main the 2 to be reconciled. Later, at a celebration, Viserys and Daemon act good, however Viserys provides Rhaenyra the chilly shoulder for slicing her tour quick. But it’s a day for reconciliation as Rhaenyra and Alicent  Hightower (Emily Carey) make up after years of estrangement. Daemon and Rhaneyra additionally chat.

Party Time within the City

Talking to Daemon, Rhanerya opens up about not desirous to get married. She simply needs to be alone. Numerous it appears to stem from her mom. She was pressured to marry younger and naked a succession of youngsters, resulting in her loss of life. Rhanerya needs to keep away from this. That night time Daemon leaves a observe in her room and a disguise, she follows a secret passage to fulfill up along with her Uncle and so they exit to celebration within the metropolis.


Rhanerya enjoys an evening of drunken partying in House of The Dragon Episode 4. It’s largely light-hearted, although she does study that not all the frequent folks help her as inheritor. Things warmth up when Daemon brings Rhanerya to a brothel. After watching a… present, the 2 ditch their disguises. Now out within the open, the 2 begin to get fairly bodily. Things go fairly far, and we’ve seen them have chemistry earlier than. However, Daemon breaks it off. It’s not completely clear, however Rhanerya appears fairly into it. Daemon flees and leaves Rhanerya alone, she heads house however will get noticed on the way in which.

House of The Dragon Episode 4 Shows Not Every Love is True Love

Back on the Red Keep, Alicent isn’t having a good time. She’s been feeling like she’s only a breeder and shedding herself. Meanwhile, she’s having to maintain a king who’s actually falling aside. While Viserys appears to essentially take care of Alicent, the reverse isn’t fairly as true. When referred to as to Viserys’ mattress, it’s clear she doesn’t benefit from the intercourse. At the identical time, her kids cry loads and appear to bother her. All that is juxtaposed with Rhanerya having a really liberating journey.

Truth, Lies, and Love

After Daemon rejects her, Rhanerya returns to the Red Keep. Drunk, aroused, and irritated, she finds Ser Criston Cole guarding her door. It’s clear the 2 have some emotions for one another. She places the strikes on him and the 2 share a really light night time collectively. However, not all is effectively. An informant working for Daemon’s previous paramour Mysaria brings information to Otto Hightower that Daemon and Rhanerya have been doing it in a pleasure home.

Otto brings the information to the King, who loses it. Rhanerya denies it occurred to Alicent. Daemon, nevertheless, doesn’t deny it when Viserys confronts him. Instead, he asks for Rhanerya’s hand. Now that she’s been deflowered, nobody would need her, however Daemon will take her. It appears attainable he orchestrated the entire night time to attempt to get Rhanerya. Viserys refuses and banishes him once more. Viserys then tells Rhanerya the reality of the matter isn’t essential, and that she is going to marry her cousin Laenor Valeyron to repair the breach between their homes. She agrees, however provided that he fires Otto as Hand of the King. Viserys does so, and Otto is given the boot. The episode ends with the Grand Measter bringing Rhanerya Moon Tea, supposedly from her father.

Some Thoughts on House of The Dragon Episode 4

So far I believe this was my favourite episode of the present. While a bit slower, it delivered some actually robust performances. We acquired some actually traditional Game of Thrones political machinations. There have been additionally a ton of nice ambiguities, that conceal some characters’ motivations. There are some fairly attention-grabbing moments in it as effectively.

Matt Smith provides an excellent efficiency as Daemon. It’s by no means fairly clear if he’s manipulating Rhanerya or genuinely has emotions for her. Mysaria comes again and units herself as much as be a giant participant. She’s both engaged on her personal, or with Otto, however is not depending on Daemon.

That tea on the finish completely didn’t come from the King. This is a ploy by both Otto or the Measters to drive them aside. Also, how is that this the primary time marriage to Leanor has been pitched to Rhanerya? He’s the obvious selection and nobody’s even talked about it?

The Criston/Daemon/Rhanerya story performed out significantly better than within the books and in a logical approach. I think that Criston and Rhanerya’s later break could come all the way down to him being a second decide right here. All in all, House of The Dragon Episode 4 was a very robust entry. It blew away the final episode.  I’m tremendous enthusiastic about what comes subsequent.

Let us know what you considered the episode, down within the feedback! 


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