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In this 1st picture, the sunshine and darkish fields are centered to 2nd 0,0.

enter image description here

My speedy query is that this: If the grid is ready to 10 (not 10.02), and the field is 400 huge (not 399.9887), and all the things is centered, then how ought to I set the editor to get all the things to line up?

When it comes time to snap issues to the sting, they do not. In this 2nd picture, the gizmo is at -200, -60 (not -200.87, 59.97) and it isn’t aligned to the grid line nor the opposite factor

enter image description here

I’m making fundamental guides for positioning different parts. I used UI Image for the packing containers. A 2nd sprite appears to makes use of a distinct system solely (scaling) from the grid, from the digital camera, and from UI picture as a result of the identical dimension field has completely different values in every of these. Who is telling the reality right here? Which system is the premise for ensuring issues hyperlink up persistently?

My long term query is: Am I lacking one thing? Is there really not a unified coordinate system within the engine? if there may be, how can I exploit it?

If it exists, i might like to learn/watch one thing on these techniques.

enter image description here



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