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How do you all really feel about these two settings?

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Topic: Spelljammer & Planescape: How do you all really feel about these two settings?  (Read 380 occasions)

Spelljammer 5e will certainly get the “present 12 months” therapy. Can’t discover it now, however I already noticed an article explaining about how “not all area vampires are dangerous, you realize.” And it appears to be like like they’re including extra new quirky furry races to play. Knowing WOTC, it’s going to be all about taking your crew of non-binary area hippos on a “so random” journey to non-violently smash the area patriarchy.

You’re more than likely right. I’m not even positive what to do about it anymore. Seems futile to attempt to battle it anymore, this nonsense appears inevitable.

I’m working alone system for fixing the terrible homogenization therapy they gave all of the races that additionally provides a bit extra freedom, so perhaps simply houseruling away all of the SJW woke trash is the one actual answer exterior of abandoning D&D altogether.

Why not simply use onerous copies of the sooner print runs, for in particular person gaming?  Provide a handout, saying you’re operating the unique 5E core content material solely.

When final I appeared, WOTC was nonetheless publishing the previous books unabridged, in print–on-demand. Much as I do not like giving them any cash, a part of me thinks it is worthwhile to purchase them, simply so the bean counters get the message that there is nonetheless a marketplace for TSR materials (and for archival).




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