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How Final Fantasy Defined My Love of the RPG

What is your favorite gaming sequence of all time? Think about it for a second – there’s lots to select from.

Article by Dan Curtis. Follow Dan on Twitter at @FrostedSloth & share your Final Fantasy recollections utilizing hashtag: #finalfantasymylove

 If you’ve been enjoying video games so long as I’ve (I believe I in all probability pressed some buttons on a controller after I was nonetheless crawling round in my nappy and shouting burble at inanimate objects), the library of video games you’ve in all probability skilled over time shall be big.

Finalfantasy 1

When you forged your thoughts again to each single sport you’ve ever performed, which of them actually persist with you probably the most? Everyone has their favourites, everybody has been affected by them rising up and for me personally, there’s no sequence I resonate with greater than Final Fantasy

The Fantasy Begins…

Finalfantasy 2

Follow him I did.

Way again within the day, when Pokemon playing cards have been all the craze and folks collected unusual alien issues in eggs and tried to mate them (severely, that occurred within the UK), a younger Dan Curtis discovers a shiny new sport bought for the Playstation by his father.

It is known as Final Fantasy VII. The younger Mr Curtis has no concept what the sport is, what it’s about and whether or not it’s really any good. He then discovers it’s not really meant for him; his father has, the truth is, purchased it for himself.

That doesn’t deter our younger hero – as daddums Curtis step by step loses curiosity, Dan begins delving into Final Fantasy, studying its mechanics, the way it works and being amazed by the sheer scale and graphical prowess it confirmed (which, on the time, was mindblowing).

And he’s hooked. It’s his first RPG ever, his first ever Final Fantasy and it begins to mould Dan into the gamer he’ll develop as much as be.

As hokey as that sounds, it’s 100% true. FFVII was my very first RPG sport. I’d grown up on Sonic, Golden Axe, Mickey Mouse and Altered Beast – the unusual function enjoying video games that graced the Megadrive and SNES have been nowhere on my radar.

There are few weapons in gaming as superior as Cloud’s Ultimate Weapon.

Finalfantasy 3

When I look again at my lengthy gaming historical past, I see FFVII as a kind of pivotal moments that modified how I take a look at video games. I’d by no means realised earlier than how a lot depth a sport can actually have till I performed this one, significantly as I’d solely skilled blasting via platformers, 2nd-sidescrollers and different older video games with out the depth of a real 3-disc RPG expertise.

To at the present time, RPGs stay maybe my favorite gaming style, just because I picked up that Final Fantasy VII disc and popped it in my console. Everything in regards to the sport wowed me; from its badass villain to avoiding the terrifying Emerald Weapon in my submarine, each single facet of that stayed with me.

Like many others, I used to be additionally deeply moved by a sport for maybe the very first time when Aerith died by the hands of Sephiroth. I didn’t know till that time how actual video games might get; it stays maybe probably the most jarring second in gaming historical past for me.

That’s just the start of this video games’ excellence; FFVII has glorious character development, a memorable forged, nice places, a superb soundtrack, tons of secrets and techniques to seek out and Sephiroth is maybe the one coolest villain in gaming historical past.

Defining A Gaming Career

Ni No Kuni

Ni No Kuni is however one improbable instance of a contemporary RPG timesink. Plus, it has a Welsh Fairy.

My love affair with RPGs was solely strengthened by subsequent releases within the Final Fantasy sequence.

Final Fantasy VIII, although not fashionable with some, is a sequence spotlight for me. Somehow as a child I managed to play via the whole lot of it with out understanding the junctioning system (god is aware of how) and I’ve revisited it a number of instances as an grownup not understanding how on earth I managed it.

In Final Fantasy IX, I get suckered in each single time by the godamn addictive Chocobo cold and warm sidequest. It’s actually simply tedious looking for treasure, however I believe I will need to have pirate ancestry and an inner need to always hunt for underground booty.

Then there’s Final Fantasy X, which solely gave additional depth to the RPG style by together with totally voiced characters.

XII is superior too. XIII is a bit hit-and-miss, however I loved it general.

You get the concept. I like Final Fantasy.

In Summary – How Final Fantasy Defined My Love of the RPG…

But what I’m actually speaking about is how this sequence has virtually utterly formed my gaming profession.

Finalfantasy 5

From my humble journey into Final Fantasy VII, I’ve subsequently been launched to a completely new style. In complete, I believe I’ve in all probability invested weeks of my life into RPGs on account of this sequence. And I don’t remorse a single one in every of them – I really feel that RPGs are a few of the richest and most rewarding video games on the market.

If I look again and give it some thought, would I actually love RPGs that a lot if I’d by no means really touched FFVII? I truthfully assume if I hadn’t have lived, grown up with and performed so many of those video games, I might have missed out on so many memorable gaming experiences.

Ni No Kuni. Pokemon. Lost Odyssey. Star Ocean. Chrono Trigger. All of those would in all probability by no means have graced my console and I might be left with out hours of enjoyment.

So I’d prefer to say a heartfelt thanks to Final Fantasy VII. Without it, I wouldn’t be the gamer I’m at present.*

But what of you, pricey reader? Cast your personal thoughts again all through your gaming profession, sift via the whole lot you’ve got ever executed, and take into consideration simply how a lot some video games have influenced your style, grew your appreciation for a style and outlined what kind of gamer you’re. For me it is Final Fantasy.

For you, it could possibly be something from the massively numerous world of gaming.

Let us know precisely which sequence/sport has affected you as a lot as Final Fantasy affected me down within the feedback! Tweet to @gamesyouloved & tag me @FrostedSloth in with the hashtag #finalfantasymylove

*PS. If Square Enix screw up the remake, I’m going to hunt them down and throw issues at them.

Article by Dan Curtis. Follow Dan on Twitter at @FrostedSloth

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