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Iono is the streamer health club chief of Levinicia, a vibrant, energetic health club chief that makes use of Electric Pokemon to paralyse its opponents.

She makes use of a large variety of completely different Pokemon, and makes use of a Tera Form to actually trigger some critical injury.

Before you face Iono she is going to offer you a problem referred to as “Find Mr Walksabout”, so we’re going that will help you with that so you’ll be able to defeat Iono sooner.

Where To Find Mr Walksabout

Iono will ask you to search out Mr Walksabout, also referred to as Clavell utilizing CCTV cameras. Unfortunately you’ll be able to’t zoom in, however we’re right here to assist.

In the first CCTV problem, Mr Walksabout could be discovered sat on his personal in the direction of the proper hand facet of the display.

In the second CCTV problem, Mr Walksabout could be discovered behind the counter on the Pokemon Center.

In the third and last CCTV problem, Mr Walksabout could be discovered sitting on the boat within the river on the proper hand facet of the display.

Use the picture above to assist discover him.

What Pokemon does Iono Use?

Iono makes use of a complete of three completely different Pokemon, these are:

  • Wattrel – Level 23 (Electric/Flying)
  • Bellibolt – Level 23 (Electric)
  • Luxio – Level 23 (Electric)
  • Mismagius – Level 24 (Ghost With Electric Tera Type)

How To Beat Iono

The best method to beat Iono, the Levencia Gym Leader, is through the use of a Rock sort Pokemon to battle her first three Pokemon with paralyse heals as backups, after which switching to a Dark or Ghost sort to counter her Tera Misamagius.

I personally used Naclstack, advanced from Nacli to defeat Wattrel simply (after utilizing a paralyse heal), I then used it to finally defeat Belibolt, however wanted to withdraw it when Iono launched Luxio.

Luxio is a straight Electric sort, so utilizing one other rock sort Pokemon or therapeutic your Naclstack will definitely assist.

iono gym battle tera form

Before i jumped into battle with Iono’s Mismagius I do know I had to make use of this time to completely heal Naclstack, so I did this whereas battling Luxio.

Then when Iono pulls out her last Pokemon I used Naclstack’s tera type to spice up its rock sort strikes. When Mismagius tera kinds it will get Electric and Ghost sort strikes, so not less than i wouldn’t be hit badly from her unknown electrical strikes.

Although this wasn’t the most effective match up, i did finally beat her utilizing my Grafaiai advanced from Shroodle. But I counsel pulling out a darkish or ghost sort Pokemon to battle her from the beginning

Iono Gym Leader Rewards

Iono will reward with you TM48 also referred to as Volt Switch, an electrical sort moved that lets you change your Pokemon after hitting the enemy.

If that is your third health club badge, you’ll now have the ability t management and catch Pokemon as much as stage 35.



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