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How To Beat Kofu (Casscarrafa Gym) In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Ol’ man Kofu (that’s what the city calls him, not me) is the Gym Leader of Casscarrafa, discovered within the West Province of Paldea. 

A fan of Water sort Pokemon, this battle can go one in all two methods for you: straightforward or laborious. 

The palms of destiny turn into much more fickle relying on how early on you strategy this fitness center. Although you may deal with the gyms in any order, some are meant for later within the sport, with Casscarrafa being a type of gyms. 

But earlier than you may problem Kofu to a battle it’s important to go the Gym Challenge, which takes an uncommon flip after the Gym Leader forgets his pockets. Yes, you learn that proper. 

The Casscarrafa Gym Challenge (Sort Of)

I say kind of as a result of this isn’t the everyday Gym Challenge. Instead, you stumble into it whenever you arrive on the fitness center. 

Kofu will rush out to buy an public sale merchandise over at Porto Marinada market, a location in West Province (Area Two), with a frantic fitness center consultant dashing out after him. She tries, and fails, to tell him he’s forgotten his pockets. She then spots you. 

Her plea is so that you can return his pockets, and as a thanks she’ll rely that as your Gym Challenge. 

Sounds easy sufficient. However, to achieve Porto Marinda it’s important to undergo Asado Desert, which is house to quite a lot of robust Pokemon. Or so the tales go. Personally, I didn’t discover them too tough as a result of they had been across the identical stage as my very own Pokemon. 

Once you arrive on the market you’ll spot Kofu within the firm of a coach known as Hugo, who will problem you to a battle whenever you attempt to strategy. Beat him to lastly have the ability to return Kofu’s pockets. 

But wait, there’s extra to this saga! 

Kofu will now set you his personal Gym Challenge: to position a profitable bid on some luxurious seaweed. And no, I’m not making this up. He palms you 50,000 Pokedollars to make that occur. 

Steadily improve your bid till the opposite two bidders fold. After profitable, Kofu will allow you to hold any change you might have, after which extends a suggestion of a battle to you whenever you’re subsequent at his fitness center. 

Before dealing with him, it’s a good suggestion to fill up on some provides – don’t neglect to make use of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet thriller reward codes to get your palms on a bulk of helpful gadgets. 

What Pokemon Does Kofu Use?

  • Veluza – Level 29 (Water/Psychic)
  • Wugtrio – Level 29 (Water)
  • Crabominable – Level 30 (Fighting/Ice with Water Tera Type)

How to Beat Kofu In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To simply beat Kofu it’s good to use Grass or Electric sorts when battling his Weluza and Wugtrio. But relating to Crabominable, it’s greatest to have a Fairy sort to modify into battle to counter its Fighting sort assaults. 

Crabominable is by far the largest impediment you face due to having three differing types to assault you with. However, these sorts also can show to be its downfall should you counter with the fitting Pokemon. 

But as a result of I’m a masochist and like making issues tough for myself, I ended up dealing with down Kofu’s Crabominable with Azumarill. I did use Floragato at the start of the struggle, however, actually, Azumarill was a stable selection regardless of being a Water sort. 

The greatest piece of recommendation I can provide you is to keep away from Casscarrafa Gym till you’re on the identical stage as his Pokemon (stage 29/30). I went in at solely stage 25 and though I beat Kofu, it was a wrestle. 

Although you may face the Gym Leaders in no matter order you need, it’s not all the time the wisest transfer. With this in thoughts, I’d counsel dealing with Brassius and Katy earlier than darkening Kofu’s door, and even then possibly problem Iono as nicely. 

Kofu Gym Leader Rewards

Beating Kofu signifies that Pokemon as much as stage 35 will obey you. However, if that is your fourth fitness center then Pokemon as much as stage 40 will now obey.

In addition to this, you’ll be awarded TM022 Chilling Water, a transfer that saps your opponents energy and lowers its Attack stat.

Use our learn how to beat Brassius in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet information should you haven’t confronted him already, earlier than heading on over to the learn how to beat Katy and learn how to beat Iono articles we additionally wrote. If you’re targeted on the Victory Road storyline you’ll want these guides. 



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