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How To Beat Larry (Medali Gym) In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

How To Beat Larry (Medali Gym) In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet


Pokemon Scarlet & Violet presents a whole lot of vary earlier than you even meet any of the Gym Leaders. However, finally you’ll have to face them one after the other, which is the place we are available in – we have now the guides that will help you out in a pinch. 

Today we’ve obtained an in depth walkthrough on methods to beat Larry, the Normal sort Medali Gym Leader. If you haven’t already guessed, Larry’s Pokemon all fall into the Normal class, whether or not it’s their first or secondary sort. 

As many Pokemon veterans will know, Fighting is nice in opposition to Normal Pokemon. However, earlier than you possibly can face Larry it’s a must to cross the Medali Gym Challenge

If you’ve already learn our methods to beat Kofu article you’ll know that these challenges might be lengthy winded. But fear not, for I’ve the solutions you could make this Gym Challenge a speedy expertise! 

How To Order The Secret Menu Item

Food is the be all and finish all on this Gym Challenge. In quick, you could work out what the native Medali residents order from the extremely acclaimed Treasure Eatery. 

You may attempt your luck and guess, however the goal of the sport is to acquire clues out of your fellow Gym Challengers scattered throughout the town. There’s three trainers to battle in whole, with all of them carrying the Academy uniform. 

The first coach is situated simply exterior Medali Gym; beat her to get the primary clue. You gained’t should go far to seek out the reply as this coach is standing proper subsequent to the place she’s in search of! Check the metallic gate to get the phrase “Fire Blast”.

The second coach is by the three ice cream stands, situated throughout the street from the second Pokemon Center. Her clue will counsel you search for the odd meals merchandise out at one of many stands (it’s the blue, pink and white ice cream stall); search for the Grilled Rice Balls

You’ll discover the third coach simply throughout from a sandwich store, down one of many aspect streets. Battle him and he’ll provide the third clue to this puzzle, with you needing to seek out the gentleman with the blue hen.

Luckily, he’s on the finish of the road the place the coach is. From a distance, take heed to the hen till it says “Meedyum”. 

The fourth and remaining clue might be discovered contained in the Treasure Eatery itself, situated by the Medali East Pokemon Center. Enter the restaurant and search for the businessman sitting on the bar; discuss to him to get the clue “lemon”. 

You now have all of the clues you want. But to make it even simpler for you, right here’s the proper solutions:

  • Grilled Rice Balls
  • Medium serving
  • Extra crispy, Fire Blast type
  • Lemon

Woohoo! It’s completed and also you’ve handed – now it’s time to beat Larry! Just discuss to the waiter to start the battle. 

What Pokemon Does Larry Use?

  • Komala – Level 35 (Normal)
  • Dudunsparce – Level 35 (Normal)
  • Staraptor – Level 36 (Normal/Flying with Normal Tera Type)

How To Beat Larry In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The simple method to beat Larry is to make use of Fighting sort Pokemon, like Primape present in West Province (Area Three). When it involves defeating Staraptor, Larry’s remaining Pokemon, an Electric sort like Bellibolt is a sensible transfer. 

Larry is under no circumstances the hardest Gym Leader, however his Pokemon may cause some actual harm for those who don’t utilise these sort benefits/disadvantages.

If push involves shove and also you don’t have any Fighting Pokemon, simply be certain to hit his occasion with probably the most highly effective strikes your Pokemon have. And keep away from Ghost varieties

Depending on what order you face the Gym Leaders, this may probably be your fourth or fifth health club. This is especially as a result of Larry is a middling sort, that means he’s neither too robust or too simple to beat – he’s someplace within the center. 

Larry Gym Leader Rewards

Larry will reward you with TM25 Facade, a Normal sort transfer that doubles in energy in case your Pokemon is paralysed, poisoned, or burned. 

Assuming Larry is the fifth Gym Leader you’ve taken down, Pokemon as much as Level 45 will obey you. If Medali is your fourth health club, then solely Pokemon as much as Level 40 will hear.

By now you’ve earned a relaxation. However, Nemona has different concepts.

If that is the fifth health club on up to now, she is going to flip up after the match and problem you to a battle, and in entrance of Geeta no much less! Considering you’ve simply beat Larry, this combat shouldn’t pose any menace.

Now that you’ve a second to breathe, it’s nearly as good a time as any to examine the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet thriller reward codes for any new exclusives. 



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