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Taking on the Gym Leaders in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet may be difficult, not least of all as a result of now we have the liberty to determine who to face first. 

For a few of you, you’ll have already crushed Tulip. However, for many who’ve saved her to your eighth and final health club, I’m right here to information you to victory. 

A lover of Psychic kind Pokemon, Tulip is very harmful to those that favour Fighting and Poison sorts. This is why you’ll want to suppose sensible and face her utilizing Dark, Ghost or Bug kind Pokemon. 

But earlier than any battles can happen it’s a must to full the Alfornada Gym Challenge (sure, there’s no exceptions on this sport), and it’s just a little just like the 90s sport Bop It!

How To Complete The Emotional Spectrum Practice

I believed I’d seen all of it in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, then the sport throws this curveball of a Gym Challenge! 

The Emotional Spectrum Practice, aka ESP, is all about copying what you see. With some battles thrown in for good measure. 

Leave the health club and head to the coaching grounds subsequent door. There you’ll meet Dendra, Tulip’s right-hand lady, who will clarify that you’ll want to let loose your strongest feelings. 

But as a result of it is a problem, you’ll want to comply with the prompts and full it inside the allotted time. 

Once the primary spherical is full, you’ll then face Gym Trainer Emily. 

Emily makes use of:

  • Gothorita – Level 43 (Psychic)
  • Kirlia – Level 43 (Psychic/Fairy)

Beat Emily and also you’ll enter into one other spherical of Pokemon Bop It, with you needing to as soon as once more choose the fitting emotional responses. Only this spherical is way faster. 

Assuming you cross that with flying colors, you’ll now battle Gym Trainer Rafael. 

Rafael makes use of:

  • Grumpig – Level 43 (Psychic)
  • Medicham – Level 43 (Fighting/Psychic)
  • Indeedee – Level 43 (Psychic/Normal)

Win this battle and the ESP will conclude. We’re undecided if we loved it or not, nevertheless it doesn’t matter as a result of we will now face Tulip! 

What Pokemon Does Tulip Use?

  • Farigiraf – Level 44 (Normal/Psychic)
  • Espathra – Level 44 (Psychic)
  • Gardevoir – Level 44 (Psychic/Fairy)
  • Florges – Level 45 (Fairy with Psychic Tera Type)

How To Beat Tulip In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To stroll away the victor you’ll want to use Bug, Ghost or Dark kind Pokemon; Lokix is an efficient selection, and may be simply present in North Province (Area Two). 

If you’ve already crushed Grusha utilizing my beat Grusha information, then this battle goes to be tremendous simple. 

I used Pokemon sorts to my benefit, however I wouldn’t say I used to be reliant on them. Tinkaton was my major lady because of her Bug kind transfer Skitter Smack, although my Vaporeon was simply nearly as good regardless of neither being better off or drawback. 

Tulip Gym Leader Rewards

When you beat Tulip she gives you TM120 Psychic, a transfer that damages by utilizing a powerful telekinetic pressure. 

You’ll additionally get that remaining Gym Badge, in addition to the candy data that Pokemon of any stage will now obey you. Obviously, if this isn’t your final health club then the extent restrict will differ. 

Now you’ll be able to tackle the Pokemon League! In case you weren’t conscious of that, Geeta and Nemona will arrive on the health club to remind you. 

To put together, why not get some unique gadgets from the present Pokemon Scarlet & Violet thriller reward codes. And do make sure you use our get Dragonite information to refill on some highly effective Pokemon – you’ll want ‘em. 



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