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I’m all in favour of making a sport that makes use of ASCII artwork graphics frequent to the rogue-like style of video games. As thematic inspiration, I wish to draw on Dante’s Inferno, which options many large open environments corresponding to plains, hills, deserts, cliffs, lakes, forests and so on.

However, from my expertise, it appears the rogue-like aesthetic naturally skews extra towards closed-in degree design – corresponding to dungeons, mazes, and caves. This leads me to surprise, can the rogue-like aesthetic fashion characterize wide-open areas in sport ranges? If so, how? Are there causes such a degree would not work properly on this aesthetic style?*

I would really like examples of video games and/or sport ranges which use the rogue-like aesthetic fashion however do job of making a wide-open house that’s attention-grabbing to play in with rogue-like mechanics. I’m not all in favour of politicking about what constitutes a rogue-like, which is why I’ve particularly tried to focus this query across the aesthetic fashion of rogue-like video games.

I’m not an enormous connoisseur of rogue-likes, however I’ve a couple of begin factors I can consider;

  • Some particular ranges in NetHack have large open areas like islands seperated by water, or meadows or rivers chopping by the extent – corresponding to Medusa’s island, Juiblex’s Swamp, and (I consider) Fort Ludios. Never having reached this far in NetHack, I do not know how these ranges ‘really feel’ to play although. Can a complicated participant remark and let me know if the common mechanics or playstyle want modification on these ranges?

Screenshot of one version of 'Medusa's Island' from the video game NetHack

  • Brogue typically generates ranges that arc round a central water/lava lake or chasm, giving the whole degree a wide-open really feel. This appears to do an amazing job tempting the participant with different elements of the extent which can be seen, however not essentially accessible instantly, which appears to offer motivation for exploring the extent completely.

A screenshot of a level from the game 'Brogue' featuring a large central lake

*E.g. One apparent mechanical level I can consider is that the ‘line of sight’ mechanic will really feel vastly totally different in wide-open ranges, maybe requiring obstacles to interrupt line of sight from enemies / NPCs and supply aid to the participant.



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