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How To Defeat Asura In Sonic Frontiers

Sonic has a complete host of enemies to defeat in Sonic Frontiers. From lowly Soldiers who group assault at random, to mighty Guardians looking forward to a struggle, to the ​​formidable Titans of the Starfall Islands – there’s quite a lot of destruction awaiting you.

As you’d count on, some enemies are a lot more durable to take down than others, like Asura. 

One of the primary Guardians Sonic meets, Asura is surprisingly difficult. We’ve taught you parry enemies in Sonic Frontiers already, however to take down this mini boss you want greater than a approach to deflect assaults. 

Speed is useful, however we wouldn’t recommend utilizing our change pace settings article on this event. No, the perfect plan of action is timing. A infamous Sonic gameplay function that’s confounded avid gamers for generations.

But earlier than you throw within the towel with out even attempting, why not stick round and see precisely what it takes to deliver down Asura. You by no means know what you would possibly be taught…!

How To Defeat Asura In Sonic Frontiers

To defeat Asura you should destroy its three arms. Scale the Guardian utilizing the blue gates as boosters, whereas ensuring to keep away from the pink boundaries. Once on the high, use the Y button to launch a sequence of Honing Attacks on the focused arm. Repeat the method twice extra.

Although this sounds extremely fundamental for a mini boss struggle, Asura has an irritating trick up its sleeve: pink boundaries. 

They look identical to the blue gates, however as an alternative of propelling you ahead they repel you. Remember how we talked about timing? This is the place it turns into most vital. If you don’t time your jumps excellent Sonic will maintain getting hit by these pink boundaries. 

Your finest wager is to look at how continuously the pink boundaries spawn, then time your jumps/increase strikes accordingly. If you’ll be able to’t keep away from a pink barrier, dodge like your life relies on it. 

You will mess it up, and also you will need to attempt once more. Fortunately, Asura doesn’t actually assault (save for slapping down its arms) so it’s fairly straightforward to maintain out of hurt’s approach. 

Asura has three phases in whole. Each with the objective of eradicating these pesky arms. Once the arms are destroyed Asura will explode and peace will, momentarily, return to the land. Just keep in mind that extra Asura reside on Kronos Island. 

We know, we all know, getting your timing excellent isn’t straightforward or enjoyable. But if I can do it you most actually can! 

And when you’ve defeated a Guardian, you’ll really feel capable of sort out something Sonic Frontiers throws at you, even A Grave Mystery puzzle! Though, simply an FYI, now we have a clear up A Grave Mystery information accessible in the event you want additional assist. 



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