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How to Defeat The Wyvern In Sonic Frontiers

It’s time for Sonic to defeat one other Titan!

Sonic could have solely simply defeated Giganto, however he’s fired up and able to kick some extra butt! This time his challenger is the Wyvern.

Found on Ares Island, it’s one other formidable opponent. Fortunately for Sonic, you’ve taken down a Titan earlier than.

However, whereas Titans won’t appear as intimidating anymore, no two are alike. Unlike the Guardians who’re many in quantity, the Titans are distinctive; the Wyvern isn’t any exception. 

If you’re involved you’re not fairly prepared for this battle, seek for Hermit Koco. Use our tips on how to accumulate and use seeds information that can assist you find him should you get misplaced. It’s no exaggeration to say that having just a few upgrades will certainly come in useful.

Now you’re higher ready, it’s time to take down this Titan! Bye bye Wyvern!

How To Defeat Wyvern In Sonic Frontiers

To defeat the Wyvern Sonic must survive three phases. During part one it’s good to climb to the highest of the tower and catch the Wyvern, utilizing the y button to focus on. Then it’s good to chase the Wyvern utilizing the runway, ensuring to dodge obstacles and use Honing Attacks to leap gaps. When you attain the Chaos Emerald you’ll enter part two. 

As Super Sonic, it’s good to fly alongside the Wyvern and parry oncoming missiles by utilizing the L and R bumpers. This will fireplace the missiles again and stun the Wyvern. Now it’s susceptible, parry once more to unleash Sonic’s combo assault. Once the Wyvern’s well being is midway, part three begins. 

The Wyvern will now fireplace pink lasers in addition to missiles; keep away from them and assault/parry such as you did in part two. Be warned, the Wyvern will assault twice after being shocked so steady parry to counter this. Once you deplete the Wyvern’s well being additional, the ultimate QTE sequences will set off. Follow the prompts to land the ending blow.

It’s quite a bit, we all know. But permit me to share some last phrases of recommendation: 

The QTEs are much like the fishing mechanics of Sonic Frontiers, with you needing to line up the white ring inside the pink circle. If you’re rusty, go discover Big Cat and apply.

Another scorching tip is to gather rings earlier than the ultimate stage. It’s a little bit tough to do with missiles flying at you, however it’ll assist cease Super Sonic working out of steam. 

Parrying is the important thing to this battle. As all the time. If you’re undecided how to try this otherwise you want a reminder, learn Retro Dodo’s tips on how to parry enemies article

As drained as you seemingly are, the Wyvern is down and now you can proceed to Chaos Island. That’s a trigger for celebration! And should you’ve but to defeat Giganto again on Kronos Island, our tips on how to defeat Giganto in Sonic Frontiers information will level you in the precise course.



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