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How To Get Eevee In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (The Easy Way)

How To Get Eevee In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (The Easy Way)


Everyone loves Eevee. Even individuals who don’t play Pokemon suppose it’s unbearably lovable. 

But in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet it’s fairly tough to catch. In reality, throughout my hours and hours of gameplay I’ve solely entered one within the wild as soon as, and I made the deadly error of fainting it. 

If you wish to get your fingers on Eevee the straightforward approach (like, who doesn’t?) it would be best to play Pokemon Scarlet & Violet from Friday twenty fifth till Monday twenty eighth November.

This is as a result of the sport is holding its first Tera Raid Battle Event, aptly titled Eevee Spotlight!

How To Catch Eevee In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To get Eevee outdoors of the Eevee Spotlight Event that you must head to South Province (Area Two) and/or West Province (Area Three). 

If you wish to enhance your probabilities of assembly Eevee, arrange a Picnic and create the Master BTL or Ham Sandwich to extend your Normal sort Encounter Power.

How To Evolve Eeeve In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

If you wish to evolve your Eevee you have to to make use of a selected stone, or you have to to have a excessive Friendship Level. 

For specifics, please learn the beneath record:

  • Vaporeon – Use a Water Stone
  • Leafeon – Use a Leaf Stone
  • Jolteon – Use a Thunder Stone
  • Glaceon – Use an Ice Stone
  • Flareon – Use a Fire Stone
  • Umbreon – High friendship with out figuring out Fairy sort strikes, then evolve it at night time
  • Espeon – High friendship with out figuring out Fairy sort strikes, then evolve in the course of the day
  • Sylveon – High friendship with Fairy sort strikes, then evolve

Obtaining most of those stones are simple due to Delibird Presents, a store that lets you purchase essential objects at an reasonably priced value. 

However, the record of obtainable objects is locked till you beat a sure variety of gyms, e.g. that you must beat three gyms for the Thunder Stone to seem. 

You may discover stones out within the wilderness, simply look out for glowing Pokeballs. 

How To Catch Eevee During The Tera Raid Event

Photo credit score: The pokemon firm

From 11am Friday twenty fifth till 11am Monday twenty eighth Eevee is extra prone to spawn throughout Tera Raid Battles, and could have numerous Tera Types accessible. Just search for the sparkly Crystal Caves throughout the map. 

That’s proper, you might get an Eevee that isn’t only a Normal sort.

Considering that while you evolve Eevee into one in all its eight evolutions it loses its Normal sort classification, that is extremely thrilling information. 

The potentialities are seemingly countless!

But earlier than you rush to get your Switch and begin looking out, that you must ensure you’ve downloaded the newest Poke Portal News.

How To Download Poke Portal News 

Open the Menu utilizing the X Button and choose Poke Portal, then choose Mystery Gift. Finally, select Check Poke Portal News for the newest updates. 

This doesn’t price you something – you don’t want a Nintendo Online Pass for this, you simply have to be related to wifi. 

If you wish to do some Tera Raids with buddies on-line you will have to have an internet cross for that. However, so far as we all know you may enter into these Tera Raids alone, identical to regular. 

And that’s it. Now all the things that you must learn about Eevee and the ‘Eevee Spotlight’ Tera Raid Event. 

For particulars on different exclusives head to our Pokemon Scarlet & Violet thriller reward codes record. And if you wish to apply battling prepared for this occasion, then remember to use the methods to beat Giacomo walkthrough as a warm-up. 



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