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I constructed a C++ engine for a Shadowgate-like sport (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfOIJQAa9Aw), however am inquisitive about making an attempt to construct one thing like this in Godot.

I’m simply began in Godot usig C#, and am questioning what can be one of the best ways to mannequin my scenes/nodes.

The principal gameplay loop is roughly:

  • enter room (typically preceded by cutscene animation or intro textual content)
  • click on on completely different spots, get dialogue suggestions or different interactions
  • use key or open door and journey to subsequent space

Now, would each room be it is personal scene, with each clickable merchandise/display area a childnode? Or is the primary gameplay loop only one scene, that switches it is principal viewport graphic and reads the objects from some exterior useful resource?

Also, ought to I do the scripting in a excessive stage node, accessing childnodes from there..or ought to every merchandise within the scene use it is personal script?

Hope somebody can level me in the correct course!



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