Home RPG How would you clarify our innate want to switch RPG guidelines & mechanics?

How would you clarify our innate want to switch RPG guidelines & mechanics?

How would you clarify our innate want to switch RPG guidelines & mechanics?


I used to be simply attempting to write down a put up about this.

“Something unusual about my head forces me to marvel how can folks play B/X as written if plate armor prices 12 garlic.

(And I like B/X, however I detest this adherence to RAW when they’re clearly fallacious).

Damn it, I’m Going To Build My Own B/X with Blackjack and Hookers, because the saying goes.”


Must be as a result of even our favorites will not be good. Or some form of OCD that forestalls me kind having fun with B/X’s typos. This is from OSE:

My favourite model of D&D is B/X. I do not know why, actually – in all probability the simplicity is a giant a part of it. But there are numerous issues I dislike. It is a matter of style – more often than not. But, generally, B/X feels prefer it might de fastened. For instance:

– Saving throws are unnecessarily fiddly.
– Same for XP tables, a single one would suffice (with small changes).
– Race-as-class is pointless and limiting.
– Same for thief abilities. 1d20+stage (DC 15) merely works higher.
– Fighters are too boring, relying an excessive amount of on magic objects.
– Weapons are horrible, like in 5e, a few of them are ineffective or redundant.
– Encumbrance must be modified by Strength by some means.

Anyway… every of these is straightforward to repair. Fixing all of them without delay would virtually create a brand new sport. And this sport could be higher than B/X – higher than my favourite D&D.

But – not strictly suitable with my favourite sport. Is this an issue? I’m unsure. I like utilizing old style (and OSR) monster manuals, and adventures, and so forth. These minimal modifications will not be stopping me from doing that.

I believe I just about discovered the proper sport for my group, however I’m unsure anybody else is . If I write one thing meant to be absolutely suitable with current guidelines, it appears to be much more curiosity.

If I discovered my good D&D tomorrow I’d in all probability cease writing guidelines. And, TBH, generally I want another person would do it so I might cease eager about it (though I nonetheless actually like my very own clone printed in 2017). But I have not discovered the proper one. And even a sport that “fixes” every thing will “repair” some stuff that I did not need fastened… Thus sending everybody into an endless quest for the proper system…

– Race-as-class is pointless and limiting.
True.  Pick a Race then a Class works simply as nicely. 
Using B/X guidelines our home guidelines are in case you go single class you possibly can go to max stage.   If you twin class, 480,000 xp is the max you possibly can go (F/MU 11/10) and in case you triple class then 200,000 xp is the restrict (so a F/MU/T would be capable to attain 8/8/9)



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