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I Spy an Independent Games Store!

Unlike the big chain shops like Rumbelows or Woolworths, the impartial recreation retailer is a good place to go for skilled recommendation on video games and associated tools.

Andy Pryer aka @clammylizard takes a nostalgic journey into the gaming & pc shops of the Nineteen Eighties….


It’s additionally a gathering place and a energetic hub for like-minded avid gamers. There are many sights and sounds which make a go to to your native ‘Indi’ a singular expertise, however earlier than you may observe the possible situations unfolding inside, you have to first make your means there along with your full praise of money. You’ll want a minimal of £1.99 to safe a purchase order.

To maximise your spending as soon as at your vacation spot, it is best to strive to not be distracted by the opposite retailers en route, who will probably be wanting to get their arms in your pocket cash.

Newsagents pose the largest menace to your neon velcro-fastened pockets as they intentionally inventory wears supposed to leach your gaming funds. All will inventory temptations similar to Whizzer & Chips and Commando comics in addition to confectionary like Fruit Salads, Black Jacks, Refreshers and little packing containers of white sweet cigarettes with superheroes on the entrance. Some bigger newsagents might enhance their gambit to lighten your pockets by exposing Star Wars or Action Force figures on the market. These are very troublesome to withstand in case you make eye contact, so greatest to keep away from these emporiums all collectively if you wish to make the pc recreation store definitely worth the journey.


The most dastardly weapon the the newsagent’s arsenal although is the wire carousel filled with funds vary pc video games on tape. Once noticed, these are inconceivable to withstand flicking by way of, however you have to summon the willpower to keep away from an precise buy – at the very least at this stage of the tour. No matter what you discover on this show, be it Paperboy or Gauntlet, you have to grasp your pleasure and RESIST.


You should be robust and keep in mind your goal which is to reach on the indi retailer with money to drop. You might console your self you could acquire it in your return when you have enough funds remaining.


Leaving the temptation of the numerous newsagents safely behind you, you might now press on to the Independent Game Shop. Before you enter the premises there are some protocols which you would be smart to look at:

1. Ensure that your jacket is open simply sufficient present the emblem of your chosen pc format emblazoned in your t-shirt. Your allegiances are crucial to everybody inside so it is essential to show your clan colors.

2. Get your arguments straight earlier than you enter. Whatever your chosen system, somebody will try to persuade you that it is the ‘improper’ one and ‘theirs’ is superior. Be able to counter their challenges.

3. Ensure you free your money from any greetings playing cards earlier than you enter the shop. You’ll by no means move as cool whereas fumbling with a birthday card that includes a classic automobile and the legend ‘Love Grandma’.

So now your persistence and willpower will probably be rewarded. You might now elbow your means into the store and play the best recreation ever performed: searching by way of the cornucopia of surprise and choosing your prize. Now that you just’re inside, look out for the next:

1. The younger ‘skilled’ who acts like he works within the store, and can’t be dissuaded from circulating across the punters and imparting his recommendation on which video games to play (regardless of not truly proudly owning a pc himself).

2. Someone making an attempt to return a recreation as a result of the commodore plus/4 graphics did not match the arcade screenshots on the case.

3. A 13 yr outdated fastidiously surveying the cabinets to pick his recreation as if the destiny of all humanity hinges on his selection.

4. A child who does not personal a recreation system and treats the store like a free arcade. Sometimes discovered mixed with merchandise 1.

5. A mom returning a recreation she bought within the improper format

6. Children making an attempt to scrounge free posters

7. A gaggle of youngsters systematically approaching every buyer making an attempt to change their retailer reward vouchers for money

8. A bed room coder making an attempt to flog the store his residence produced spectrum recreation with frightful cowl artwork.

9. A bewildered outdated woman escorting her grandchildren and making occasional, unhelpful strategies in a useless try to help in choosing a recreation and depart the store as shortly as doable

10. A dad, eyeing up Sam Fox Strip Poker and making an attempt to determine if he can get away with taking part in it on his kid’s pc.

Article by Andy Pryer aka @clammylizard 



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