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In the unique rulebook, the ally playing cards had been an investigator deck and also you had been instructed to shuffle and prepared them.

In subsequent rulebooks, Dunwich Horror, and Curse of the Pharoah had been the primary two, the ally deck rule was expanded.

Determine Allies: Although 5 new Allies are included
on this growth, solely 11 complete Allies must be utilized in
every recreation. When making ready the Ally deck, shuffle it and
deal out 11 playing cards faceup, returning the others to the field.
Players might study the allies to see which of them will
seem. Then flip the Ally playing cards facedown and shuffle
them once more. Allies which might be taken as beginning gear in
setup step 9 will come from this deck of 11 playing cards.

If a selected Ally is a part of an investigator’s mounted possessions, then that Ally should be one of many 11 Ally
playing cards used.

The assumption is that the designers wished to supply some number of new allies, however thought that the ally deck was a useful resource for use. Specifically as a result of it is advisable to take away an ally from the sport each time the phobia stage elevated. By proscribing the overall variety of allies, the accessible pool of them decreased to nearly nothing as the phobia stage elevated (to a max of 10) all through the sport.



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