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Indie Retro News: Casio Handheld Games

Indie Retro News: Casio Handheld Games


Another nice ZX Spectrum information story for you all, as for those who keep in mind enjoying the 1983-84s handheld sport of ‘Marine Hunter’, ‘Dandy Cowboy’ or ‘Mole Hunter’ on a Casio’s CG-5X again within the day, then we have been knowledgeable by Saberman, that Avlixa has launched theĀ Casio Handheld Games assortment for the ZX Spectrum. As within the phrases of the creator ” This is an emulator for 3 of Casio’s CG-5X collection of photo voltaic handheld video games from the years 1983-84: Marine Hunter CG-50, Dandy Cowboy CG-51 and Mole Hunter CG-53″.

“The sport usually consists of managing a personality who should seize 10 animals in every degree and take them to the place to begin.Ā  He won’t be able to return to the place to begin with out having captured a prey. You must keep away from being hit by enemies that can tough the duty and the sport consists of 10 ranges divided into 3 sublevels every of accelerating problem.

  • In Marine Hunter, you handle a diver who should catch fish, avoiding sharks and different abyssal fish, take the captured fish into the submarine to have the ability to proceed.
  • In Dandy Cowboy, you signify a cowboy who should seize veals avoiding the bulls that roam the meadow. Brand the veal at the place to begin to proceed your work.
  • In Mole Hunter, you play a hunter who should seize moles along with his web, avoiding snakes, spiders and the coconuts thrown by the monkeys of the jungle. Take the mole to the cage to have the ability to seize a brand new one.

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