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information – From Before Caesar

This is a component 4 of the puzzle sequence Around the World in Many Days. Each half is solvable by itself.

Deаr Puzzling,

How have you ever been? I hope you don’t thoughts me exhibiting up a little bit early this time round. Just wished to get this one out earlier than the vacations.

This sort of grid puzzle known as Statue Park (Loop). Shade some cells within the grid to kind the given 5 items. Pieces may be flipped or rotated. No piece can contact one other piece, even at a nook. The cells indicated with a black circle have to be shaded, and the cells indicated with a white circle have to be unshaded. In addition, draw one steady loop within the grid which visits all unshaded cells and not one of the shaded scells, going horizontally or vertically via centres of cells with out crossing itself or branching out.

Today I’ve visited a spot whose wildlife is in contrast to something I’ve ever seen, and walked amongst giants from a time earlier than Caesar. Can you guess the place I’m?

Love, Gladys.

Empty grid with both crossword and Statue Park

Statue Park (Loop) on Penpa+
Crossword on Penpa+

5. Able was I ere I noticed —
9. A legislation of nature: Eat or be —
10. —, orchestra devices or a metropolis within the West Bank
11. Star Wars character, Han —
12. — and flows, constant intervals of decline and enhance
15. An optimist’s glass is — full
17. Shall I evaluate — to a summer season’s day?
19. —’s Game, a novel by Orson Scott Card
21. Louisiana dish, — hen
22. Snake —, a pair of ones in craps

1. Kept in a brief —
2. Powerful crime boss, — di tutti capi
3. Nuclear check website, Bikini —
4. Five nations have — energy within the UN Security Council
6. Improvised, advert —
7. — tree, Adansonia gregorii, native to northern Australia
8. “Six pack”, educated —
13. Indian vegetarian dish, puri —
14. — Maritime, a French division
16. The Shawshank Redemption character, — Dufresne
17. Hidden explosive, booby —
18. In 1932, Australia fought a conflict in opposition to —
19. All About —, a movie starring Bette Davis
20. Fifth Amendment: “…with out — means of legislation”

Gladys will return in Hippos and Horseplay.



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