Home Indie Game Intruder in Antiquonia Walkthrough – Day 3, Half 3 (Floppy Disk, Checklist)

Intruder in Antiquonia Walkthrough – Day 3, Half 3 (Floppy Disk, Checklist)

Intruder in Antiquonia Walkthrough – Day 3, Half 3 (Floppy Disk, Checklist)


Caught in Intruder in Antiquonia? Learn how to learn the floppy disk, uncover the passwords, and get the gadgets on the listing.

Intruder in Antiquonia – Into Indie Video games Walkthrough

Welcome to the Into Indie Video games Walkthrough for Intruder in Antiquonia! As this can be a point-and-click journey sport, we suggest inspecting each object and exhausting each dialog choice as you play the sport. If you’re caught, learn the information beneath!

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Day 3, Half 3 (Floppy Disk, Checklist)

Now go to the police station and discuss to Officer Áncora. Point out the floppy disk you discovered and also you’ll get a floppy disk drive from the type officer.

Intruder in Antiquonia screenshot

Head out of the police station and over to Karim’s home now. Present him the floppy disk drive and Karim will set it up so you may lastly view its contents.

After the conversations that comply with, you’ll be caught at a password display screen. Study the map you discovered within the steel field and Nathalie will point out utilizing FreeZoneMaps on Karim’s pc.

Use Karim’s pc once more to get the password you want – Nathalie will enter it on her personal.

After the dialog, use the floppy drive to retrieve the floppy disk.

Cutscenes comply with. After these, you’ll be requested to enter a four-digit password for the laptop computer. Put in 1984 (clues of which could be present in Karim’s home, in addition to within the chat recollections).

Following the following cutscenes, you’ll have an inventory of stuff you want. Study this listing.

You just about have already got a laptop computer, so ignore that for now.

For the RJ11 cable, discuss to Officer Áncora and use the RJ11 cable dialog choice.

After you get the cable, you’ll discover the related entry crossed out on the listing.

Discuss to Officer Áncora once more and use the dialog choice that claims “Julia, we have to ship any data…”.

Intruder in Antiquonia

Now you will have two of 4 gadgets from the listing.

Study the laptop computer and Nathalie will point out needing to search out out what’s on the microSD card. Use the microSD card on the laptop computer.

Now head to Karim’s home and study the black monkey’s paw situated on the backside shelf, to the left of the pc and beneath the pinboard.

Offered you will have tried to make use of the microSD card on Julia’s laptop computer, you’ll now have the ability to retrieve the microSD card adapter.

Intruder in Antiquonia

Use the microSD card with the microSD card adapter, and head again to the police station.

Use the adapter on the laptop computer and also you’ll have acquired the fourth merchandise on the listing – the trojan.

Now discuss to Julia (Officer Áncora) and ask in regards to the laptop computer.

When you’ve bought every little thing you want, the listing will disappear and you may head to the transformation heart utilizing the map.

Earlier than you go, although, you should definitely choose up a paper clip from Julia’s desk.

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