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Intruder in Antiquonia Walkthrough – Day 3, Half 4 (Transformation Middle)



Caught in Intruder in Antiquonia? Learn the way to resolve the puzzles on the Transformation Middle, together with the best way to decipher the passwords.

Intruder in Antiquonia – Into Indie Video games Walkthrough

Welcome to the Into Indie Video games Walkthrough for Intruder in Antiquonia! As it is a point-and-click journey recreation, we suggest inspecting each object and exhausting each dialog choice as you play the sport. In case you are caught, learn the information beneath!

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Day 3, Half 4 (Transformation Middle)

On the transformation middle, use the paper clip from the police station on the rightmost door. Head on in.

Intruder in Antiquonia screenshot

Contained in the transformation middle constructing, put the laptop computer on the desk. Turns on the market’s no energy.

Decide up the crumpled paper on the ground and study it. Now use the screwdriver on the facility management field between the laptop computer and the door.

Use the management field to get going with making a circuit.

On the management field display screen, you’ll discover metallic ends, every corresponding with a label like A1, B1, and so forth.

Join B1 to A1. Then, join A2 to C1. Subsequent, join C2 to the ultimate metallic endpoint on prime (i.e. on the part marked 220V).

You’re going to want yet another cable although. Exit the management field display screen and use the screwdriver on the damaged metallic detector as soon as once more.

It will internet you a cable (and do away with the metallic detector). Use the cable on the management field to return to that display screen.

Join B4 to P.

With the facility restored, you possibly can lastly use the laptop computer.

Use the cellphone on the laptop computer to get your self an Web connection.

Use the laptop computer and click on on the primary checkbox.

While you click on on the second checkbox, you’ll need to enter three phrases based mostly on the clues you discovered within the previous sheet of symbols.

On the sheet, the symbols are accompanied by quantity units. When you have a look at the graffiti outdoors the transformation middle, you may deduce that the quantity units are keypad codes. You should utilize your real-life cellphone dialer to view the keypad alphabet and determine what the letters are.

Moreover, you’ll discover the three phrases on three posters positioned in Antiquonia. Two of the posters are on the best aspect of the city sq., and the third poster is positioned within the alley with the police station.

The options to the three symbols are:


With the three codes entered, the second checkbox can be ticked.

Press ‘Ship info to Frank’ to complete your work with the laptop computer.

Intruder in Antiquonia screenshot

After the cutscene, go away the transformation middle.

Nathalie will speak to Julia and the 2 will make their strategy to the Zelama energy plant.

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