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This 12 months marks the tenth anniversary of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, a movie finest remembered as an underwhelming follow-up to a genuinely masterful sequel than as a worthy entry in its personal trilogy. It have to be troublesome to behave as the following chapter to what’s, objectively talking, the most effective superhero movie in Hollywood historical past. Indeed, The Dark Knight‘s standing and legacy are too grand and significant, the closest factor to legendary that fashionable filmmaking has approached. Could any movie compete with it?

Now, to be truthful, The Dark Knight Rises isn’t a horrible film. On the opposite, Rises is a tense, action-packed, grand spectacle that lives as much as the much-maligned and infrequently bastardized time period “summer blockbuster.” But within the context of Nolan’s filmography, and particularly his two Batman movies that got here earlier than it, the movie can’t assist however really feel underwhelming. Rises is fascinating as a result of it had all the pieces it wanted to succeed, from nice supply materials (Knightfall is one among Batman’s basic fashionable tales) to proficient actors like Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, and Marion Cotillard respiratory new life into previous characters. The components to make a implausible, career-defining film are all there, so why is it so disappointing and, worse, unmemorable? And why did it take so lengthy for everybody to just accept the truth that it’s not so good as it needs to be?

Bruce Wayne at his worst

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises
Warner Bros.

Few popular culture figures have been as disrespected in recent times as Bruce Wayne. The character has at all times taken the again seat to the flashier and extra mysterious Caped Crusader, however the brand new millennium took issues to a different stage. Guided by Nolan’s Batman-is-the-face-and-Bruce-is-the-mask ideology, films, cartoons, and even comics started to sideline Bruce till solely Batman remained. And so, the deterioration of Bruce Wayne started, with almost each portrayal of Batman declaring him uninteresting at finest and pointless at worst.

Of course, that’s a pile of BS. There’s no Batman with out Bruce. The man is as vital because the Bat, and failing to see this can be a blatant misinterpretation of the character. Nolan wasn’t the primary to toy with the Bruce-is-the-mask concept, however he was the one to take advantage of it to its fullest — and ugliest.

The Dark Knight trilogy is an insult to Bruce Wayne in almost each means doable. It portrays him as a prop, nothing greater than a personality performed by the real persona, Batman, the brooding hunter that stalks criminals at night time. In conserving with this strategy, Christian Bale performs Bruce as a stiff and charmless bystander, a go well with that someway realized tips on how to stroll. All his intent and a focus go to enjoying Batman, injecting the masked hero with real complexity and nuance. And Bruce can choke, for all Nolan and Bale care.

Nowhere is that this clearer than in The Dark Knight Rises. With Batman out of the sport for the film’s first act, Nolan will get saddled with a personality he merely doesn’t discover attention-grabbing, and we will inform. Bruce’s scenes are uncomfortable and sluggish, there to permit for Batman’s eventual return. Because Nolan doesn’t discover Bruce interesting, the viewers doesn’t both. Every second Bale spends out of the cowl is torture for him and us, and we will inform he’s counting the seconds till he can put it again on.

The Dark Knight Rises options Bruce at his blandest, which isn’t nice for a movie that’s purported to encourage its viewers to root for Bruce, particularly contemplating it ends (actually previous spoiler) with him abandoning Batman for good. That’s supposedly his comfortable ending, however how can he, or we, for that matter, be comfortable when it’s clear that everybody concerned with the film is happiest when the Caped Crusader is out and about?

Wait, is that this purported to be camp?

Catwoman crouches in front of a safe in The Dark Knight Rises.

The phrases “camp” and “Christopher Nolan” don’t appear to slot in the identical sentence. Nolan looks as if the sort of director who would think about “camp” an insult to his status and hyperrealistic model of filmmaking. But take a better take a look at The Dark Knight Rises, and you’ll inform the camp is there. Whether intentional or not, the camp within the movie is infamous and, often, a spotlight in an in any other case gloomy and needlessly convoluted story.

Take Hathaway, the closest factor we have now to a modern-day camp grasp, as Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman. With her catsuit, bladed stiletto heels, and goggles that flip into excuses for cat ears, Hathaway’s Kyle is as ostentatious {that a} Nolan character will ever get. She comes this near purring; maybe she solely stopped herself after Nolan flashed her a chilling look with these White Walker-like eyes.

There are remnants of the efficiency Hathaway may have given had Nolan’s “serious” strategy not gotten in the way in which. I think about it will be one thing between the comedian’s exaggerated portrayal of the feline femme fatale and Michelle Pfeiffer’s luscious and virtually fantasy-like tackle the character in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns.

Bane glares in The Dark Knight Rises.

Hathaway isn’t the one actor near tenting it up in Rises. For all his menacing physicality, Tom Hardy’s Bane is stuffed with aptitude. I’m not even speaking concerning the goofy masks or the cargo pants; Hardy refuses to make Bane solely a drive of brutish nature. Instead, the actor injects flashes of life and power into the character, from the voice to the mannerisms.

During his first battle with Batman, whereas the Caped Crusader is all confusion, rage, and frustration, Hardy’s Bane is virtually strolling across the area, like a peacock flashing its tail. Bane delivers strains like “Do you feel in charge?” with scrumptious intent, twirling an imaginary mustache whereas savoring every phrase. Even his Swedish bomber jacket looks as if a aware alternative so as to add some fashion to Bane.

Matthew Modine and, significantly, Ben Mendelsohn additionally do their half to boost the movie’s camp stakes, emoting as if their lives trusted it. Mendelsohn’s character yells like this; Modine’s character dies in a pose sure to make Christians really feel one thing. And let’s not even speak about Cotillard, whose over-the-top demise scene has been extensively, and rightly, ridiculed. In any case, that is as campy as a Nolan movie will ever get.

So why not put on the camp badge with satisfaction? Instead, The Dark Knight Rises walks with its tail between its legs, embarrassed at its flashes of chaotic power. But it shouldn’t as a result of these flashes are sometimes the most effective components of a film that drags alongside each time it’s attempting to be deep. Sure, the automotive chases are nice — few administrators do automotive chases like Nolan — and the stakes are adequately excessive. But can anybody say they understood and even adopted Bane’s elaborate plan to financially smash Bruce Wayne earlier than breaking his again and throwing him into a jail from which he finally escapes with little to no effort?

The Dark Knight Rises has camp on its very DNA, so why not use it to its fullest? Because doing so would require admitting the storyline is exaggerated and, dare I say it, foolish, taking away the status and self-seriousness which have grow to be Nolan’s bread-and-butter. And we will’t have that.

Nolan on autopilot

Christian Bale as Batman in The Dark Knight Rises.

Perhaps The Dark Knight Rises‘ most egregious mistake is Nolan’s lack of curiosity. The famed auteur appears uninterested to the purpose of boredom, going by the motions whereas attempting to inject some sense of his trademark ambition into the story. Some of his distinctive components are there — needlessly messy storytelling, a plot that retains going even once you suppose it’s about to finish, a number of male characters and solely two ladies, spectacular and imaginative motion set items — nonetheless, it lacks objective, which makes its extra weighty themes appear pointless and underdeveloped.

Batman Begins was an interesting exploration of worry and trauma. Nolan efficiently mixed each themes with the established Batman mythos, taking full benefit of underrated villains like Scarecrow and Ra’s al Ghul to inform a complete origin for the person that may grow to be the Bat. The Dark Knight was an train in escalation, an exploration of Batman’s limits and which ethical boundaries he was keen to interrupt or uphold. With the Joker and Two-Face, Nolan managed an ideal marriage between thematic inspiration and precise execution that is still unmatched within the superhero style.

And then there’s The Dark Knight Rises. Sure, it has deep themes, I assume — class battle from a surprisingly conservative viewpoint immediately involves thoughts. Rises is Nolan’s try at recreating the French Revolution on the streets of Gotham by means of New York City. However, Nolan’s ambitions really feel half-baked. Unlike Nolan’s most daring and satisfying initiatives — Memento, Inception, even Interstellar — there’s nothing about Rises that separates it from different movies in its style. Despite its grandiose scale, it’s frustratingly secure and by-the-numbers, two adjectives that don’t usually describe the risk-taking director.

To his personal detriment, Nolan established himself as a unicorn in Hollywood, an formidable and genre-bending determine who reconciled directorial artistry with blockbuster filmmaking. After the one-two punch of The Dark Knight and Inception, Nolan’s star was at its peak, which means his followers and critics have been at their most demanding. The Dark Knight Rises was not sufficient to satiate their thirst for extra Nolan, plain and easy. The movie was Nolan at its most timid, trying to ship one thing secure that may make everybody comfortable. Such a factor doesn’t exist in Hollywood, and coming from an auteur, it’s much more jarring.

I assume we’re all suckers

Joseph Gordon Levitt in The Dark Knight Rises
Warner Bros.

So the place does that go away The Dark Knight Rises? Compared to newer superhero entries like Morbius or Thor: Love and Thunder, it’s not too unhealthy. However, that claims extra concerning the present state of superhero cinema than concerning the high quality of the movie itself. The Dark Knight Rises is the weakest hyperlink within the trilogy; that’s greater than sufficient to earn its diminished repute. However, what makes it particularly disappointing is its willingness to be the naked minimal; whereas its two predecessors fought to be the most effective, Rises settles with simply present.

Perhaps that’s its true legacy: mediocrity. Like the character Joseph Gordon-Levitt performs within the movie, The Dark Knight Rises reaps the rewards that its predecessors labored arduous to attain with out doing something. It offers us what we anticipated with out shocking us like Batman Begins or difficult us like The Dark Knight. In Rises, Nolan is now not all for redefining or pushing the style’s limits. All he needs is to be achieved with it and transfer on to Interstellar, asking Gordon-Levitt to show the lights off on his means out.

With Rises, the Dark Knight trilogy had Nolan’s permission to die. And die it did, forsaking a legacy of a barely remembered movie that’s extra of a missed alternative than a definitive assertion.

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