Home Game Development Issue when changing undertaking to three.6 – Cocos Creator

Issue when changing undertaking to three.6 – Cocos Creator

Issue when changing undertaking to three.6 – Cocos Creator


Hi All,

I’m not too positive why however after altering my undertaking from 3.5 to three.6 I’ve now received this error when operating the undertaking:

[.WebGL-000033DE017F0D00] GL_INVALID_OPERATION: Error: 0x00000502, in ....third_partyanglesrclibANGLErendererd3dVertexDataManager.cpp, reserveSpaceForAttrib:520. Internal error: 0x00000502: Vertex buffer just isn't sufficiently big for the draw name.

It isn’t inflicting any points within the undertaking that I can see however thought I’d report it because it is perhaps a bug.


hello Thanks for the suggestions! I feel when utilizing platform webgl1 it may need some points. Glad to listen to it isn’t inflicting something, reporting this to engine staff for additional investigation.

It shouldn’t be occurring, it means your vertex knowledge just isn’t becoming the draw name’s index knowledge, would possibly associated to some core stage concern, do you have got any concept how can we reproduce it ?

I don’t know what might be inflicting the error. I’ll strive debugging later if I can. From the error, do you have got any strategies on what is perhaps a potential trigger so I do know the place to look?

Also you say about utilizing the webgl1 platform. Are there different platform choices and may or not it’s modified? I’m intrigued to see the webgpu platform, though I’m unsure if that’s one thing that’s already within the engine or in growth?


On which platform have you ever met the issue ? From the error message, it appears you’re utilizing GLES3 on home windows, have you ever tried Vulkan backend ?

For WebGPU, the event is sort of completed, here’s a pull request for it

Is there a setting I can change to make use of Vulkan or is there one thing else I must do? I’ll look forward to webgpu to be finalised earlier than utilizing it. Excited for it although!



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