Home Indie Game Juice World (Alpha Available!) – a ragdoll fight journey sandbox

Juice World (Alpha Available!) – a ragdoll fight journey sandbox

Juice World (Alpha Available!) – a ragdoll fight journey sandbox


I’m nonetheless right here. It wasn’t my intention to desert the thread, I just a bit behind on issues. The group has grown actually quick and I’ve felt pressured to maintain including content material to the sport, concurrently remodeling current programs, and I are inclined to let issues go.

@JobLeonard Smiley thanks!

We are at model 0.0.10 now. I’ve added a boss, a automobile, settings menu, reworked some programs and stuck a ton of bugs. Next up is a few extra story, and a few GUI updates for stock and challenges.

Juice School Reunion:

There was a giant content material replace for April Fools: individuals had been to wanting kill Mrs. Slitherss for weeks and I managed to make a good boss battle in time. The speedrunning strat on the time was to fly straight to the hella OP draginslayer (a ripoff of the Dragonslayer from Berserk) and use it to one-shot the primary boss. My large humorous joke was to switch it with a large plunger, after which give it to Mrs. Slitherss to punish those that had been abusing it. Now it’s important to beat her to get it.

Once the participant flies again as much as Juice School, she offers them a fast lecture on delinquency after which tries to fry you along with her lasers once more. If you may have sufficient HP to outlive, the battle begins. She alternates assault modes, charging you with the sword thrice, after which summoning three skeletons. The battle is fairly easy, however nonetheless troublesome (if not irritating). The fight system continues to be laborious to regulate, so I made her straightforward to kill when you’ve got maxed stats.

My buddy contributed a observe for the boss battle, and I by accident made a fairly respectable observe too, for after she is overwhelmed and dies takes an extended nap.

Vehicles and Wheel Physics:

I just lately added the primary automobile, with sound design assist from BCFRecords. Unity’s wheel collider would not match what I need to do, so I made my very own. It makes use of a cylindrical convex meshcollider for the wheels after which spins them through configurable joints. This would work in actual life, however for the reason that wheels are rigidbodies in sport, they do not act like actual rubber. So, just like the Unity wheelCollider, I calculate the slip values utilizing dot merchandise, after which complement the wheels traction and sideways slide resistance. The interplay of the quickly spinning mesh collider with the bottom was nonetheless clunky, however I discovered that by decreasing the maxAngularVelocity of the our bodies to 1 radian, the instability is tremendously lowered, and the rigidbodies smear alongside the bottom like butter. From there I’m capable of depend on the traction dietary supplements. To make the wheels really spin visually, I pretend the rotation utilizing a separate wheel graphic. It is quirky, however works rather well. With some down-force the automobile is even capable of climb vertical partitions.

After the wheel physics reached this level, I used to be capable of slop collectively a script to get the participant contained in the automobile, add rocket thrusters, and guide automobile rolling whenever you maintain house bar. Similar to the in-air rolling mechanic of Need for Madness. The automobile is presently OP, because the participant is mainly invincible inside, however will turn into balanced as I rework the doll system.

In 100 years after I get the stock system practical, I’d wish to make the automobile modifiable.

The doll system makes ragdolls far more manipulable by way of scripting. This is a participant mutation script.

Doll Management System:

I’m presently unifying all objects with rigidbodies (participant, monsters, weapons, autos) within the sport as “dolls”. Each has a Doll.cs script hooked up that incorporates an inventory of DollElements and DollJoints and registers the doll to DollSystem.cs.

This generalization lets me write results like DevelopDoll, MutateDoll, ShakeDoll, StretchDoll, and make something within the sport edible, targetable, and so on… The gif above photos the participant doll being mutated. I’m presently engaged on logic for ‘merging’ dolls, which will likely be used for wearable gear that modifies the participant’s collision form.

The fight system can also be being rewritten with the doll system for extra constant hit habits, and to make any doll collision damaging. Soon, monsters will take harm after they bump laborious into one another or into partitions. The participant will be capable of deal with monsters to loss of life. The automobile will be capable of take harm.

~~~~~~~~ Plans/Challenges for the Future ~~~~~~~~

Inventory System
I’m planning on doing one thing like System Shock 2’s stock, the place you hit tab to enter stock mode after which you’re offered with an merchandise grid like that of Diablo II. My thought is to make the participant eat/spit out objects when they’re picked up/dropped.

I’ve been placing a whole lot of thought right into a magic loot system. That is, objects can drop with modifiers (+harm, +participant stats, weapon measurement modifier, probability to solid, +hp regen, +protection) and it’s as much as the participant to search out loot to enhance their character. Crafting like that in Median XL or Path of Exile can also be on the menu. There’s a lot to do lol.

Thing is, I’m unsure learn how to introduce the mechanic. The sport is getting actually sophisticated, as if it weren’t laborious sufficient for brand spanking new gamers to grasp earlier than. I’ll in all probability voice act a whole lot of explanatory dialogue so as to add into the tutorial so a minimum of the participant would not should learn an entire e-book to discover ways to play.

With the doll system I wrote, it is easy to do issues like mutate monster proportions, freeze monsters, ignite them, fatten them, shrink them, and possibly different stuff I have never considered. I intend to make spells learnable by finishing quests, killing bosses, or simply discovering them. This makes it straightforward to provide a little bit of backstory to every spell.

I’m determining a brand new controls scheme at the side of the stock system. Ideally, you’ll tab-target monsters (or simply look of their normal path), after which solid spells with hotkeys, chosen by hovering over spells in stock and hitting hotkey you need to bind.

World Expansion
I’m mixing handmade areas with procedural era. Next up I’m aiming to make a highway to steer between areas, and unfold issues out. I need to generate some forests, sky islands, lakes, dungeons, and tribal villages with pleasant little fats individuals.

I’m moving into volumetric terrain era through marching cubes: https://www.instagram.com/p/B_qiC_-pe6s/

I’m reeeeally excited for this as proper now there is not a lot to do with the flight mechanic, which is without doubt one of the finest elements of the sport. I do must make some monsters that wont simply fall off of the sky islands although.

Perk: a optimistic gameplay modifier that may be earned and activated by finishing challenges (magic discover, elevated knockback, spell energy)
Quirk: usually adverse gameplay modifier (double gravity, weak participant, tiny weapons, elevated issue) utilized to a brand new sport or activated in sport
Challenge: accomplish feat (boss kill, speedrun, chain kill, and so on.) presumably below impact of particular quirks, to unlock new perks

I have never finalized this concept, however I’ll a minimum of embody quirk choice on the brand new sport display in a future replace. This will let the participant set their issue, play with world values (gravity, timescale), and let the group set challenges.



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