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Kill Team: Roadmap Reveals Next Steps And Fate of the ‘Gallowdark’

Kill Team: Roadmap Reveals Next Steps And Fate of the ‘Gallowdark’


Kill Team is taking us on a story journey into the Space Hulk often known as the Gallowdark. And the Roadmap factors to a bitter conclusion.

Games Workshop has launched a Roadmap for the following season of Kill Team that’s going to final from 2022-2023. We’ve acquired enlargement plans in addition to names of them. Narratively issues don’t look nice for the Gallowdark.

by way of Warhammer Community

“There are more expansion boxes on the way too – each containing two full kill teams, more unique terrain, new missions, and new rules. We’ve intercepted secret transmissions from the Warhammer Design Studio, and can reveal their names to you right now.”

So now we all know the following three names of the enlargement:

  • Shadowvaults
  • Soulshackle
  • Gallowfall

Just based mostly on the names and context of the story going down contained in the Space Hulk Gallowdark I believe this bodes poorly for the ship. Shadowvaults is alluding to some deep, mysterious vault (in all probability positioned someplace on the Gallowdark) that holds, nicely, “Shadow” which by no means ends nicely.

The subsequent enlargement after that’s Soulshackle which in fact feels like some psychic shenanigans. I’d not be shocked if daemons have been concerned with that one in any respect. Perhaps possession or a certain daemon indirectly.

And lastly, now we have Gallowfall. That sounds dangerous. The title of the Space Hulk is the Gallowdark, and now we have Gallow…Fall. Sure feels like this Space Hulk goes DOWN and it’s not going to be good for anybody concerned or nonetheless caught on the ship.

Aside from the narrative beats these expansions would possibly hit, we do know some extra particulars about what’s bodily in them. We’ll get two full Kill Teams for one factor. It’s not clear if these Kill Teams shall be all new or what — however you already know they’re going to have some cool fashions regardless. We’re additionally going to get some extra distinctive Terrain from these kits. Those are all the time price testing. And on your Kill Team video games you may anticipate model new missions and guidelines, too.

We’re trying ahead to seeing the following chapter from Kill Team. Now we all know we will anticipate these quarterly releases coming from GW!


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