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Language Brain Teaser : Curtail L

Braingle’s Daily Brain Teaser for Dec 18, 2022

When you curtail a phrase, you take away the final letter and nonetheless have a legitimate phrase. You shall be given clues for the 2 phrases, longer phrase first.

Example: Begin -> Heavenly physique

Answer: The phrases are Start and Star.

1. Pebbles, rock fragments -> Tomb; critical

2. Prearranged struggle with weapons -> Payable on demand; owed

3. Experience emotion; contact -> Fixed cost

4. Implement used for a job -> Also; excessively

5. Standard of perfection -> Mental idea; thought

6. Speech sample with lengthy vowels -> To sketch

7. Artist’s tripod -> Freedom from hardship

8. Pale tint of color -> Glue; a smooth malleable combination

Check for the reply.



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