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Language Brain Teaser : Diagramless

Braingle’s Daily Brain Teaser for Nov 14, 2022

Diagramless is a particular type of crossword puzzle. It is identical, simply you haven’t any concept the place the black squares are, you must use the solutions to the clues and the numbers of them to determine that out.

Can you work this diagramless out?

It is only a small, 4×4 grid, and there are two black squares.

Across Clues:

1. Water Sport

5. Best Grade

6. __ prime of; above

7. Place of leisure

9. Water Level

Down Clues:

1. Opposite of future

2. Oxygen

3. Fill by placing on

4. Opposite of off

8. 3.14

10. Vowel between C and H

(the trace tells you the place the 2 black squares are positioned)

Check for the reply.



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