Home Puzzles Language Brain Teaser : Eye Rhymes 5

Language Brain Teaser : Eye Rhymes 5

Language Brain Teaser : Eye Rhymes 5


Braingle’s Daily Brain Teaser for Dec 20, 2022

In every sentence beneath, two phrases are incomplete. The two phrases finish in the identical three letters, so that they appear to be they need to rhyme, however they do not. See when you can work out the lacking letters in every sentence.

Example: One symptom of bronchitis is a ro___ co___. (The two phrases are: tough & cough.)

1. When you g___ up, I’ll allow you to climb the ship’s p___.

2. Do you need to be a ri___ swimmer or an ocean di___?

3. The strongest oarsman within the boat is a po___ ro___.

4. The low-cost tickets did not al___ them to go be___ deck.

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