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Legends of Runeterra – I’m loving this Maokai-Nautilus deck! – Indiecator

Legends of Runeterra – I’m loving this Maokai-Nautilus deck! – Indiecator


It’s been some time since I final wrote about Legends of Runeterra. In reality, this put up over right here is the one put up I did on that recreation – and I principally acknowledged my pleasure about it with out ever actually feeling like writing about it once more. Well, that modified.

  1. Context
  2. I summon the mighty Maotilus!
    1. Sea Monster Engine
    2. Toss/Maokai Engine
    3. The Win-Condition
    4. Mulligan
  3. Deck Codes
    1. Maotilus-UwU:
    2. Maotilus-Atrocity
  4. Conclusion


I initially performed a number of it within the closed beta after which I performed it on and off over the previous few years. I had my frustrations with the sport as particular playing cards have been method too sturdy… and that modified as playing cards received rebalanced, champions have been nerfed, and others have been buffed. Lately, I’ve actually been having fun with the sport once more.

I believe a part of the rationale why I’m having fun with the sport a lot is that you’ve totally different “regions” that you just degree up as you play the sport. The thought right here is you could get a number of assets to craft playing cards or simply straight-up get playing cards by enjoying the sport, without spending a dime. And the sport primarily retains tossing (that’s a pun proper there due to one thing I’ll point out later) rewards your method, sot hat you may preserve enjoying it without spending a dime. Naturally, there are some playing cards that may be bought with cosmetics however they don’t do a lot on their very own as you want 40 playing cards in whole, out of which solely 6 may be champions, proper?

Anyway, these days, I’ve been making an attempt to construct a Norra deck however I’m missing playing cards and I can’t craft every thing, so I’m levelling the Bandle City battlepass till I’ve every thing I would like. That, nevertheless, requires me to truly win video games at occasions.

So, to take action, I can’t play my “Run it down” deck (that I could write about at one other time as soon as I’ve made it higher) anymore because it’s not meta and because it has a number of weaknesses… quite, I attempted out just a few different decks I constructed over the previous few years and surprisingly, my Deep-Maokai deck is definitely actually good. I did some tweaks to it however at its core, it stayed the identical.

I summon the mighty Maotilus!

This over right here is form of a low-budget model of what I initially had in thoughts. Initially, I additionally had some further copies of Devourer of the Depths and Abyssal Eye in there however I made a decision to take away them… largely for Sea Scarab.

This deck’s premise is that you just primarily toss a number of playing cards (eradicating them from the deck/recreation within the course of) and attempt to get “Deep” – when you’re deep, all of your Sea Monsters acquire bonus stats making them overwhelmingly stronger. On high of that, all sea monsters that have been tossed away are introduced again into your deck as soon as Nautilus ranges up. Nautilus, nevertheless, solely ranges up when you’re deep. At that time, Sea Monsters will value 4 Mana much less.

Sea Monster Engine

So, Sea Monsters are form of one engine for this deck. I’ve received three copies of Jettison (Toss 4) in there, three copies of Lure of the Depths in there (Reduce the price of Sea Monster allies in all places by 1, draw a sea monster), and I’m working Salvage twice (Toss 2, Draw 2) and Glimpse Beyond 3 times (Kill Ally to attract 2).

This implies that all of those playing cards will primarily attempt to eliminate our deck as quickly as doable, leading to our sea monsters levelling up. Sea Scarab additional emphasizes on that by tossing one card when one other ally dies or when it dies. Thorny Toad heals our nexus and tosses 2 when it dies. Deadbloom Wanderer tosses 3 when summons and has life steal which helps us get to a particular level.

At that time, you’re deep.

You received an enormous board of creatures that obtain “fearsome” from Terror of the Tides. At the identical time, the 2 Shipwreck Hoarders I’ve within the deck will toss 2 and create 2 treasures. When tossed, Treasures shall be drawn as a substitute. The large ones are “Platewyrm Egg” (primarily 5 mana to summon 3 5/5s with Deep (aka 3 8/8s)) in addition to “Treasure Trove” (5 Mana to create 5 fleeting playing cards that then will value 0, which means you may, in idea, use extremely large spells or summon extremely sturdy playing cards for no mana in any respect… otherwise you get nothing in any respect. It’s very zane-y and I like it.)

And nicely, should you don’t your Lure of the Depths out, you may scale back the price of your Sea Monster by a complete of seven Mana (3 from LotD and 4 from the levelled up Nautilus).

Once you’ve received a robust board, you may typically simply assault with all of your creatures – and Terror of the Tides will scale back the enemy power on an assault by 2, which means that a number of playing cards at that time could not have the ability to block your assault on condition that your Sea Monsters even have “Fearsome” as a key phrase.

Toss/Maokai Engine

So, due to Nautilus bringing again all tossed models, we don’t actually care about tossing all of them away. Hence, I’m pairing Nautilus with Maokai who ranges up as soon as 25 playing cards have been tossed. He additionally ranges up with models dying – and when you may have him on the board, he summons an ephemeral Sapling (aka another dying) and he tosses 2 extra playing cards, which means you virtually enhance his degree up additional by having him on the board – particularly with the Scarabs.

Scarabs + Maokai are an excellent combo as a result of you will get to the deep finish actually rapidly as a result of this.

On high of that, tossing doesn’t have an effect on champions and since I solely care about getting Nautilus’ and Maokai’s level-ups sorted out, I’m working just one copy of Nauti and a pair of copies of Maokai on this deck. Ideally, I’d run three of every however… it might probably’t be helped. I’m broke.

Anyway, you toss every thing and as soon as Maokai ranges up, you obliterate the enemy deck, leaving solely 4 non-champion playing cards in there. This implies that they’ve 4 turns to win except they’ve a method of shuffling new playing cards into their deck.

The Win-Condition

Given that this deck is a bit dangerous, you may presumably find yourself shedding to a draw-out. You attempt to toss a number of playing cards. You additionally attempt to get to “Deep”. At some level, you’ll be low on playing cards and since solely tossed allies are shuffled again into the deck due to Nautilus, chances are you’ll danger of unintentionally decking out, leading to a loss… Hence, watch out with that.

The Win-Condition right here is to both overwhelm the enemy with large monsters… or to make the enemy deck out by obliterating their deck. Hence, I wish to play it sluggish. I don’t at all times go for giant assaults early on and trades… however quite, I attempt to preserve some defenders in place in order that I can get to the mid/late recreation.

But nonetheless, you may also run “Atrocity” in there and perhaps “Lost Riches” to extend your odds of profitable. Lost Riches will primarily create or draw a treasure. Atrocity will kill an ally and deal its energy as injury to something. If you get to that time, you may, in idea, sacrifice a levelled-up Nautilus (13/13) to deal a heavy blow to the enemy nexus, typically killing them within the course of.

An difficulty that this model has is that Atrocity and Vengeance actually push your mana prices up fairly a bit, which means you could brick so much – which is why I additionally added Quietus, Vile Fest, and Fading recollections to the deck. They assist a bit.

Still, bricking may be tough which is why enjoying a extra defensive playstyle is quite essential. Also, utilizing Vengeance, you may shut down a number of champions very simply. Devourer of the Depths additionally helps with coping with these threats. After experimenting, I discovered that working three devourers and no grasps positively helps with this model.


When it involves your Mulligan, you primarily eliminate Champions just about at all times and I’d suggest protecting a Vengeance or Atrocity (or each) simply in case. You don’t need to toss these essentially – and should you do, you run the chance of not having the ability to reply to large threats like a Viego or no matter.

Apart from that, the primary model of the deck options Dreg Dredgers and Shellshockers that may be good early on. I’d suggest changing high-cost playing cards and prioritizing early tosses as a lot as doable. Shellshockers assist drastically with spell-mana and spell prices due to their “Attune” key phrase. Similarly, Dreg Dredgers could solely be 2/1 however their “Toss 3” capability additionally helps get you to “Deep”. Worst case, you may “Glimpse Beyond” them to attract extra playing cards, getting nearer to “Deep” within the course of.

In the second model of the deck, you don’t run Shellshockers, so a number of occasions, you need to have Jaull Hunters and Sea Scarabs in your beginning hand. Vile Feast additionally helps out drastically early on, due to its spider creation and drain capability. I imply, you primarily create a blocker whose dying will assist Maokai evolve.

Since you’re not working Shellshockers, chances are you’ll brick extra with this given that you’ve excessive spell prices and a number of spells – however fewer monsters that might probably get diminished in value. You’re additionally not working Lure, so you may’t flood the board fairly as simply however Nautilus remains to be a beast.

Deck Codes






This deck has been a number of enjoyable.



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