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Legends of Runeterra – Tempo Landmarks are simply a lot enjoyable! – Indiecator

Legends of Runeterra – Tempo Landmarks are simply a lot enjoyable! – Indiecator


Today, I wished to share a deck that I’ve actually been having fun with as of late in Legends of Runeterra: Tempo Landmarks!

So, first, I’ll get into what the playing cards do and what you need to attempt to accomplish with this deck. Then I’ll clarify totally different win-conditions. Then I’ll get into the weaknesses that this deck has. Hope you get pleasure from this one!

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Having solely considerably not too long ago gotten again into Runeterra, I naturally haven’t had the possibility but to construct too many decks myself. This deck specifically is wonderful – which implies that I didn’t give you it.

I really discovered this deck on a tremendous LoR channel on YouTube named Snnuy! Snnuy is aware of numerous issues in regards to the sport, has been enjoying it for ages, and is numerous enjoyable to observe general, so I’d extremely advocate checking him out in case you haven’t but!

Here’s the video on this specific deck:


A “tempo deck” in card video games like Legends of Runeterra is a deck that’s all about increase momentum/tempo by creating an impactful board, outpacing enemies by stopping their extra highly effective playing cards, or by making a mana benefit.

When you play 4 mana to cope with a 5-mana card, you basically find yourself better off. By enjoying playing cards that additional your deck-mechanics (on this case, summoning and destroying landmarks) whereas additionally coping with the enemy’s board, you mainly construct up steam as you progress on earlier than you ultimately burst down the enemies with robust models and plenty of methods to cope with no matter they throw your approach.

One of the problems that this deck has is that whenever you don’t draw your playing cards or whenever you don’t get to outpace the enemy, you’re screwed. As simple as that… however I nonetheless managed to get some extremely satisfying wins out of this one, so I’m comfortable to share it with others!

The Deck

Ziggs-Taliyah is a superb combo that synergizes extremely properly with one another. Ziggs must degree by destroying (4) landmarks. Taliyah ranges up by summoning (5) landmarks. Taliyah herself additionally is ready to copy one landmark on the board, supplying you with a bunch of choices to additional improve your tempo!

As for landmarks, this deck runs one “Ancient Preparations”, two “Hexplosive Minefields” and three “Preservariums”.
Ancient Preparations is a 1-mana landmark that permits you to predict (place certainly one of three playing cards on prime of your draw pile). On prime of that, it summons a Clockling (2/2) after two turns and will get destroyed.
Hexplosive Minefield stuns the strongest enemy when summoned or when it’s destroyed.
The Preservarium permits you to draw a card when it’s summoned and one other one after two turns after which it’s destroyed.

As per the models, the deck is a bit on the cheaper facet with not all that many high-cost models.
The Inventive Chemist (2/1) summons a Scrappy Bomb (deal 1 harm to the enemy nexus after 3 turns) landmark when it’s summoned.
The Rock Hopper (3/1) summons a Roiling Sands (When an enemy unit is summoned, give it Vulnerable and destroy me) landmark upon summon.
The Endless Devout (3/3) summons a Sarcophagus when it dies aka one other landmark that after three turns (or when destroyed) summons a 5/3 Fearsome unit.

The different models are type of a part of your win situations…
Herald of the Magus (4/4) grants all champions (in all places) +2/+2 and Overwhelm when it’s summoned in case you’ve destroyed 4+ allied landmarks. This makes it in order that your Ziggs and Taliyah can shut out video games quite a bit higher, particularly with an Absolver or Unleashed Energy in hand!
The Safety Inspectors (5/5) create “Inspection Passed!” in arms at any time when a spherical begins, that means you may destroy an allied landmark to deal harm to something.
The Arsenal (9/7) positive factors a random key phrase for every allied landmark that was destroyed or is destroyed this sport. This one can turn out to be an enormous energy home, particularly when it will get Fury, Elusive, Regeneration, Augment, Overwhelm or Scout. It’s a robust unit however it may additionally brick your han fairly badly.

And properly, the spells are principally there to negate power from enemies whereas additionally creating power in your board.
Drop the Bomb summons a Scrappy Bomb and offers 2 harm to a unit. Pokey Stick permits you to draw a card and deal 1 harm to something. Ancient Hourglass summons a landmark with certainly one of your models saved inside which will be extremely helpful to protect models and much more highly effective whenever you copy it with Taliyah. At the identical time, Quicksand, Rite of the Arcane and Rite of Negation help you management the battlefield. Unraveled Earth permits you to draw playing cards and summon Roiling Sands.

The vital bits listed here are The Absolver in addition to Unleashed Energy! These playing cards are extremely highly effective to complete fights in a short time, creating virtually burst-speed lethals with Ziggs and Taliyah!

Speaking of which:
Ziggs offers harm to the enemy nexus and his blocker when attacking – and likewise offers harm to the enemy nexus when a landmark is destroyed.
Taliyah, however, does one thing just like that in that she offers 2 harm to her blocker 3 times – if the blocker is useless/gone, she does it to the nexus as an alternative.

Pair these skills with Overwhelm from Herald of the Magus and the bonus stats from Unleashed Energy, The Absolver, and different results… and also you’re an incredible win proper there!

Deck Code


How do you play this deck?

Generally talking, you’ll need to have a gentle curve early on. Inventive Chemists, Rock Hoppers and Endless Devouts assist quite a bit with that, supplying you with a lot of power for comparatively low mana prices. Levelling Ziggs and Taliyah goes actually simply you probably have these three in your hand.

Using the landmarks and spells like Unraveled Earth and Drop the Bomb, you may simply create and destroy sufficient landmarks to degree your champions – however you additionally run the chance of flooding your board and lacking out on extra power. Hence, be affected person and conscious of this concern. You don’t need to toss the landmark that Taliyah copies into the void.

Also, you need Endless Devout to die. That will spawn the Sarcophagus – which then ends in a fearsome unit with 5 assault comparatively early on… It’s nice! This can provide you some quick wins, particularly with Taliyah who (once more) copies landmarks.

The most secure method to win is by getting Absolver energetic. When you’ve leveled up at the very least certainly one of your champions, Absolver provides you two spells on activation that add numerous stats to your models at burst velocity and overwhelm! This means that you would be able to deal A LOT of injury in a single single assault with Taliyah, Ziggs and perhaps one other unit (i.e. Arsenal).


As talked about earlier, you have got to concentrate on your board house and what number of models and landmarks you summon.

The different factor is that your Inventive Chemists and Rock Hoppers are fairly frail. You might find yourself with a tough time in opposition to Shadow Isles or Bandle City decks. Yes, you need to use Rite of Negation to dam a spell or you might use Unleashed Energy or The Absolver to cope with instant threats however these three spells type of are your security internet if different win situations don’t work, so I’d counsel actually wagering whether or not or not saving a unit is price it in some cases.

Apart from that, your hand can brick fairly simply with Unleashed Energy (a card that doesn’t actually do a lot till late into the sport), the Rites, Safety Inspector, Herald, or The Arsenal. You actually need to get a great mulligan early on in case you don’t see your 1-drops, 2-drops or 3-drops in hand.

It’s all in regards to the pacing and tempo, increase a bonus. This isn’t aggro however it may deal fairly properly with aggro in my expertise.


Tempo Landmarks is a enjoyable deck that I’ve been having fun with quite a bit, significantly due to how reactive the combos are and what number of choices you need to play particular match-ups or rounds. You can constantly degree your champions and I haven’t had too many video games the place early bricks mattered.

I hope you loved this small “deck guide”. I like making posts like this. If you’d prefer to see extra like this, let me know!

This put up was first revealed on Indiecator by Dan Indiecator aka MagiWasTaken. If you want what you see right here and need to see extra, you may verify me out on Twitch and YouTube as properly.



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