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Let’s Play D&D With She-Hulk

Let’s Play D&D With She-Hulk


D&D courtroom is now in session except anyone goes inexperienced; this week we’re taking part in Dungeons & Dragons with She-Hulk.

The newest addition to the MCU is the She-Hulk sequence, streaming weekly on Disney+. And whereas it’s not with out its criticisms, I’m having fun with it thus far and am excited to see what they do with the character. But you’re not right here for a assessment, you’re right here to see what I do with the character in a Dungeons &Dragons setting. So with out additional ado, let’s add Jennifer Walters into the combo in our subsequent D&D journey. We’re taking part in D&D with…


I don’t usually have an excuse to get inventive with character races. After all, so many characters we work with are human and have their normal-human-ness act as a core side of their character. And sure, Jennifer Walters is human, however she’s additionally a Hulk and that comes with some perks and aesthetics I’d wish to play with.

For She-Hulk, I briefly considered going with Goliath. They even have the peak and energy boosts I’d need. But Half-Orc felt extra on model. It works for Jennifer as a half-human-half-Hulk, and it really works for what looks like a half-measure taken by Disney. I do know she’s by no means as large as Bruce, but it surely looks like they scaled She-Hulk down just a little greater than they needed to. And fortunately Half-Orc additionally has the energy and height- although not fairly as a lot top as Goliath. Plus, y’know, inexperienced.

From there we received to have just a little enjoyable. If we have been making a basic Hulk, this might be a straightforward case of Barbarian. Hulk smash and all that. But She-Hulk is just a little smaller, extra nimble, and all the time in charge of herself, even when she’s large and inexperienced. We’re nonetheless taking a look at a variety of punching, however there’s extra finesse to it.

She nonetheless has a number of ranges of Barbarian, however she additionally has a number of ranges in Monk, too. Ki might not sound synonymous with a Hulk, however Deflecting Missiles and Unarmored Movement positive do. And actually, with all of that mindfulness and yoga, I believe that “Smart Hulk” might also have a number of ranges in Monk. And perhaps Artificer.

Unfortunately, duel classing Monk and Barbarian isn’t simple. You want excessive energy, excessive dexterity, and excessive knowledge. So we used the entire Ability Score Improvements that the Player’s Handbook would throw at us. Even with out them although, I rolled fairly darn effectively on this one. Aside from these core stats, Jennifer isn’t a personality who can have true dump stats. She’s a part-time Hulk and part-time top-of-her-field legal professional, so the bodily and psychological stats all need to be fairly darn good.

Once once more, I’ve made a personality with no weapons. And you’ll be able to add some in case you’d like. But a Monk-Barbarian goes to be one of many few occasions the place their unarmed strike could also be finest by itself. Especially with the entire pace, bonus rage damages, and further assaults, that this class gives you.

How would you make She-Hulk for D&D? How about her cousin? What film, present, sport, or comedian ought to I make sheets from subsequent time? Let us know within the feedback!

Happy Adventuring!


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