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logical deduction – A curious incident

You are a detective and have been for the previous 20 years. Pretty skilled if you concentrate on it.
One day you had been at your workplace when abruptly the phone rang. It was your assistant.

Tring!!!! Tring!!!
Assistant : Sir, a curious incident simply occured.
You : What is it?
Assistant : An individual was discovered lifeless.
You : Cause?
Assistant : We have found out the trigger, poor man shot himself within the head. There was a gun in his hand. He had died instantaneously.
You : If you might have found out the trigger, why trouble calling me?
Assistant : We have found out the trigger, however we will not make heads or tails of a message he recorded in a cassete tape earlier than he died.
You : Okay, ship me the recording of the cassete tape.

Your assistant sends you the recording of the cassete tape. You discover that the recording 2 minutes 47 seconds lengthy. You take heed to the recording.

My identify is Egor Drobachev. I’m 21 years outdated. I’m recording this message earlier than I kill myself. I simply need to inform a factor… uhh… no, nothing. I like you Marie and I hope you deal with our youngsters. I’m blessed to be part of this. Cross me how, I do not care. I am unable to go on like this, afterall, we reside in a twilight world. Bye my family and friends, for I’m about to shoot myself within the head. Farewell!
Sound of a gunshot

The recording stops and also you suppose there are numerous clues hidden within the message that the person had recorded. You can not seem to perceive… one thing feels off about the entire state of affairs. Then it abruptly hits you. You name your assistant and say…

What did you say?



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