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logical deduction – Build your personal puzzle!

logical deduction – Build your personal puzzle!


This grid comprises 3 puzzles multi functional; 0h n0, a Crossword and a Wordoku (Sudoku with letters)…

…however first you may must construct it.

enter image description here

0h n0

  1. Cells can ‘see’ different blue cells in the identical row and column
  2. A cell stuffed in purple blocks their view
  3. The quantity exhibits what number of blue cells the clued cells can ‘see’


IMPORTANT: The grid is conventionally numbered and related – nonetheless solely a randomly ordered checklist of clues is given:

First half of a south asian nation
Term for US Soldier
Tanker firm’s ticker image
Famous australian singer and songwriter
Area for creation of salt
Impure compound in portland cement
The act of eradicating
One of human infants primitive reflexes
Shortened model of title that means ‘gave’
Rocket that makes use of nuclear fission
Get up
Irish for a classical component


Regular sudoku guidelines, besides there are 9 distinctive letters as an alternative of numbers 1-9

Use the given info to unravel the three puzzles to search out the ultimate phrase!



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